Full Time

Today comes pretty close to a textbook definition of a perfect morning. Waking up to surprise (aka I don’t read the weather forecast) snow, cozy pj’s & blanket burrito, coffee, paper, chobani & blogging! I would take a picture but [see: cozy blanket burrito]. I’m not up to moving quite yet.

Having some funky issues going on with my computer currently, as in it has randomly been turning itself off without notice, so that’s fun. On the plus side, I’ve realized how little I rely on my computer lately because about a year ago these issues would have put me in week ten freak out tears. Now, I’ll just enjoy my cup of coffee, move on & contemplate how long I could get along without fixing my laptop. I think this is a side effect of working on a computer for 8-10 hours straight five days in a row.

Anyway, Jon was in Brooklyn Saturday so I took him to try out my favorite French patisserie just a few blocks away. It was quite nice, aside from a couple who insisted on taking over an entire table for their 1 year old (in a 5 table cafe). Celebrated the weekend with a croissant, espresso & a cappuccino. Another cause for celebration is the fact that as of last Thursday, Jon is now a full time employee!! As of Monday he’ll be full time in essentially the same position he was in before – except a fancy title & even more responsibility! I did take him out to dinner the night that he found out – which felt kind of grown-up of us. But I couldn’t blog about it until he officially announced everything! Feeling pretty lucky to both have full time jobs in our field within a year after graduation & neither of us had any gaps thanks to sweet internships!



Lunch time was a huge salad – there is more in there than just kale – and leftover dip from my Super Bowl dip party at work (to be covered next blog post). I’ve found the trick to super tasty salads is to make my fridge look like a grocery store of vegetables and then that’s what I end up eating for lunch & dinner all week. In this salad was kale, swiss chard, spinach, collard greens, avocado, broccoli, lemon juice, feta, blood orange, random seasonings & some olive oil/pepper!

There was time in between breakfast and lunch, I apparently just didn’t take a picture of us walking in the 19 degree freezing weather, reading the paper, attempting to fix my laptop & looking up flights to Europe (no, I’m not going anywhere just yet).



Got all ready to go and headed down to Red Hook to IKEA! Now that Jon’s full time, he felt better about getting a little more settled into his apartment. We also have two friends who are getting married next week and were looking to get rid of their desk, bookshelf and a few other things so he got those. Walked all over IKEA in search of ideas and storage for his room – clearly it did not take a lot of convincing to get me to go on this trip. He ended up with a lot of storage things and I ended up with 2 plants. That brings my plant total to 6 (I killed one already).


Today I have plans to go up to Queens for church (in about 15  minutes – whoops I’m no where close to ready). Then we’re headed to Jon’s so that I can help him organize his whole room situation & we’re going to a super bowl party in Long Island City with a bunch of friends!


One thought on “Full Time

  1. I had to chuckle about your plant comment. Dave accuses me of trying to kill our plants (we have all of 2) often! Definitely enjoy reading the blog – it gives me a taste of your lives in NY!

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