Cat Naps

Church this morning came nice and early. Thanks to the snow, there was no construction this weekend – yay G train! Made it to church on time without too much hassle. Currently reading “New York” by Edward Rutherfurd (as recommended by mom – I was able to get it as an e-book on my iPad from the library). Pretty weird to be reading a book about the city that I’m currently in.

Had to go to the earlier of the 2 services because I worked in the nursery for the 2nd service. No little kids in the nursery today but I did get to spend some time with the bigger kids (3-5 years old) for play-dough time. After church I had made plans to go to Jon’s for lunch – he made us super tasty fried rice with tons and tons of vegetables!

Instead of doing the normal person thing and taking the subway to his house, I got the brilliant idea to walk there. Because when in NYC, might as well take advantage of how walking-friendly it is. Not to mention all of the parts of Queens that I’ve only passed through on a subway. And I decided to do this with only a vague notion of which streets connected (I mean avenues count down – it’s not super hard). Headphones in & enjoyed all of the snowy streets of Queens – lots of huge mounds of snow, snowmen and icy sidewalks. It was about a 50 minute walk from church to his apartment so I had lost almost all of my layers by then – people probably thought I was nuts.


photo 1-1

photo 2-1

Delicious lunch followed by some kitty cuddling – Jon’s roommate’s cat, Max, is quite the cuddler. Unlike most cats, you can pick him up and plop him just about anywhere you’d like.

photo 3


Jon had to work again tonight – for the Grammy’s – so we headed out towards 30 Rock around 4. But not without a (surprise) stop at Cafe Omonia (the place that the My Big Fat Greek Wedding cake was made!!). We pass it every time we walk around Astoria and I kept talking about how I had to stop there sometime after being so in love with the movie so Jon had it secretly planned to stop there! Split a piece of cheesecake while riding the subway into Manhattan.

photo 4


Walked around for a while before Jon had to head off to work. I continued to explore a bit more once he left – I’m always shocked by how busy Manhattan is compared to Brooklyn. Despite going there 2+ times a week, it still feels like another world. I’m definitely starting to become quite familiar with all of the streets and shortcuts to get places though. Walking around a ton definitely helps that!

photo 5

Made it back to Brooklyn for some dinner, blog catch-up and might settle in to finish a bit more of my book before bedtime. Busy week coming up – lots of things going on at work & events almost every night after work!



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