Friday morning was the beginning of Nemo. The day was mostly filled with sleet, freezing rain, and snow. It was actually an insanely busy Friday at work. Lots of back to back projects, meetings and things to do. Before I knew it, it was time to go home. Walked home through a fantastic winter wonderland of snow. It had just switched over to snow around 5 or so which meant the sidewalks, stairs and streets were all covered in clean snow (hard to find in NYC).

Jon & I braved the elements (which seemed like absolutely nothing after living in Rochester for 4 years…) to pick up pizza from a local restaurant. It’s a pizza place just a block and a half down that was on my list to try. Got a pesto bianca pizza – super tasty!


Saturday morning we woke up to everything absolutely covered in snow! So cool! Jon actually had to go out and shoot for a while for work – luckily Park Slope is full of kids who were taking full advantage of the snow which made for lots of picture opportunities.


After breakfast, we headed out to Prospect Park (at the end of my block) to check out the sledding scene. Jon ended up bringing his camera gear and shooting for a good bit while I wandered around the park. There were SO many people out! Love that the neighborhood sledding and hang out spot is just a 5 minute walk from my apartment.



photo 2 IMG_6261 IMG_6262 IMG_6265

When I realized that Jon might be busy shooting for a while, I decided to head off for a walk through the woods in the park. Everything was so beautiful covered in snow and ice! Lots of little pathways, frozen creeks and snow covered trees.


After we had thoroughly exhausted ourselves by walking through the snow, we headed to Windsor Terrace (just 5 blocks south of me) to search for some food. Stumbled upon a cute diner called the Windsor Cafe so we stopped in for some tasty wraps. The place was absolutely packed with people taking a break from the cold and snow.

The wait staff was hilarious and the best moment was when a little girl busted through the door and walked up to a man… “Are you a sled person?” Upon finding out that he was a “sled person” she goes “Oh good, us too.” and proceeded to walk off.

Walked a bit further towards Cafe De Luxe for our weekend coffee (espresso/cappuccino date). That’s perhaps one of my favorite things about the city. No Starbucks needed. I just love the local coffee shops. This one in particular is only 3 or so blocks from me and has that fantastic neighborhood vibe. The owners clearly know many of the people walking through the door and are eager to start up conversations with new people. It definitely becomes way more than just going some where for a quick jolt of caffeine.

Enjoyed our drinks in front of a frosty window while we waited for our toes to warm up!


Snow days are amazing.


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