Eat Your Veggies

The theme of my meals lately has been vegetables. To be expected for a vegetarian, I guess. But they’ve been oh so tasty and delicious. I’ve finally mastered the art of keeping a fridge full of fruits & vegetables so I don’t even have to think.

Salad for lunch today included mustard greens, kale, collard greens, broccoli and an avocado. With tiny bell peppers on the side!

photo 1

Dinner tonight took all of 10 minutes. Couscous with sauteed mushrooms, peppers, red onion and brussels sprouts. Seasoned lightly with olive oil, pepper & red pepper flakes. The best news of this meal is leftovers! All set for lunch for the rest of the week. Good deal because these are going to be some packed days – so busy at work!

photo 2-2


Time to curl up with my book and some tea 🙂


One thought on “Eat Your Veggies

  1. thanks – mustard greens and collard greens are NOT on my radar scree – or, turnip greens. I shall work on it. Some weeks ago got my first celery root – wonderful thanks. So many things in the produce dept . that are new. The good thing is that they come with information and recipes are available. I love it. Hugs, Nana

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