Life Updates – Busy!

It’s been a busy week after work so far –

Monday night I got the chance to go to a spontaneous dinner in Manhattan with a group of friends. Met up at a sports bar – which had wood panels and was dressed up like a fancy restaurant (?). Confusing but delicious. Met new people and ate delicious sweet potato fries with truffle oil (um, yum).

Tuesday night I decided to skip out on a book signing due to a big headache. Instead I celebrated Fat Tuesday by making pancakes. I made homemade applesauce to go along with it. It was delicious. But it was also brown which = horribly ugly photo opportunities. I spared you that one so just imagine the deliciousness.

Also cleaned my room! (it took 10 minutes, I mean.. I sleep in a closet.) That one probably deserves some photos sometime soon considering it looks way different than when I first moved in. A trip to West Elm today with a co-worker made it clear that I’m not yet ready for big girl apartment things. In the meantime, I’m quite content with my college-student inspired wooden plank on plastic crate plant system, wooden plank on plastic bin nightstand and a random assortment of items that don’t yet have homes. It’ll get there.


Wednesday night is a social media talk in Brooklyn or an Ash Wednesday service in Manhattan or a design AIGA talk in Manhattan. So many options.

Thursday is Valentine’s day – plans TBD.

Friday morning is Creative Mornings, the monthly series that I’ve been going to. Managed to get a ticket on Monday when they opened – they sold out of nearly 200 tickets in a minute and a half. I watched the numbers shoot down. It was insane. Apparently everyone else wants to spend Friday mornings with me. Friday night is an RIT alumni event in Manhattan followed by a Taco Party in Queens (our monthly game/movie night with church friends). Saturday night is a party with a bunch of RIT friends.

And the list goes on!

Absolutely no complaints for all of the opportunities to do things and see more of the city. As exhausted as I am at the end of a work day, I can always seem to find a little more energy for exploring. Doing just one thing out of the ordinary every night seems to make it last much longer! I have a few projects that I’ve wanted to do around my apartment as well, but those are on the back burner for now.

Work has been exhausting but awesome. Lots and lots of projects going on – but like RIT taught me, I seem to do just fine under pressure. Of course, this is no where near week 10 material, but I’m enjoying switching back and forth between different projects. It certainly makes the days pass quickly and five months in, I enjoy going to work every morning! I think that’s generally a pretty good thing.

photo 2-2



One thought on “Life Updates – Busy!

  1. Hi Em: You are wonderful. Hold that thought ! You have such wonderful things going on and I am delighted to be included . You are going home next week????? Sounds good. The picture at the end needs to be explained please – when/how was this picture of a “Carrot” person taken ….and…..what was meant to be conveyed. I am confused. Please know this is compounded by the fact that I have just finished a several hour planning session for programs for “older americans.” I am encouraged – to be more explorative and trying new things than have been done before. Tomorrow, deliver Valentines to neighbors, to the gym for Silver Sneakers workout – have ANOTHER meeting in the aft,….and so it goes. On the news today……….Is Jon and MSNBC located at “30 Rock ?” Building has been sold apparently and will this mean any changes to MSNBC ???? I hope not. This world is just getting too complicated for me at times. Help me keep current please. When will you be h eatgreading for Maryland????? I loved your blog this a.m. The pictures of your Mom as a kid were wonderful , but, my absolute favorite was the picture of you and Sarah and your Mom taken at your house, What a great picture, what a great trio. Love you muchly – thanks. Love you – Happy Valentines Day! Hugs, Nana

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