Some Things Take Time

Today was fantastic. Despite having today off, I wanted to make use of it and not sleep in too late. Started off the day with the aforementioned oatmeal, coffee, candles & music (see last post). Read all of the Saturday paper, caught up on email and blog reading. Then I got time to sit down and really work on some hand lettering! It’s been on my list forever to do so but everything else always seems to get in the way. Nice to spend an hour or so just practicing letter forms and new techniques. Not happy with all of them but I’m hoping this gets me into practicing it more regularly. And like I wrote, some things take time.



Finished lettering & ate a quick lunch of chobani with flaxseeds, frozen blueberries & one strawberry for color. Two bell peppers on the side to get some veggie in there.


I then headed out on the most fantastic of walks. I was all bundled up and prepared for the cold weather (30! eek!). Ended up walking just over 3 miles all around Park Slope. It was so sunny out today and lots of other people were out wandering around – they probably do this on a regular basis, I’m just not there to witness it. Got to explore a lot of the little side streets and look at the cool brownstones along the way. Stopped in ‘Snice, a vegan restaurant, for coffee & some warmth!


Hung out around my sunny warm apartment for another hour or so before heading into Manhattan to meet Jon. He apparently got a froyo craving today and texted me that we were going somewhere to find some for our Monday date night. Met him around Greenwich Village at 16 Handles to hang out for a bit. Quick date night (since I won’t see him next weekend) and then headed back to Brooklyn.

Dinner consisted of a leftover portobello mushroom from yesterday (amazing), roasted broccoli & brussels sprouts and a little bit of couscous (my new favorite quick dinner item).



Speedy but packed 3 day week ahead of me – work all day then work events every night & then I leave on Friday! Can’t wait!



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