Windy Weekend

Good weekend all around – and even better that I have Monday off! Currently in my pajamas, candles lit, made delicious oatmeal with walnuts, apples and almond milk, coffee has been made and music is on. No real plans for today but that’s the beauty of it. Planning on wandering down to a local coffeeshop eventually today along with a few errands on the way. Was hoping to get a walk or run in this morning but it was a chilly 18 degrees when i woke up and the wind was howling all night so staying inside sounds like a better idea. Eventually I’m planning on meeting up with Jon tonight once he gets out of work.

Thursday night was Valentine’s day! Headed up to Queens after work & Jon had made a surprise dinner. Chocolate covered strawberries and crepes filled with sauteed mushrooms and goat cheese. Making crepes was actually what we did on our first date ever, way back when 🙂

photo 1-2 photo 2-4

Friday was a whirlwind day – so many back to back meetings. The morning started off with Creative Mornings, that monthly Friday talk I go to in DUMBO. Quickly ran off to work to start the day. I knew I had 2.5 hours to get some wireframes done and was hoping to not have too many distractions. From noon to five I had nothing but meetings and reviews – busy, busy! The good kind of busy though – the kind that makes me love my job. At five, a coworker and I headed into Manhattan for an RIT alumni meetup. Unfortunately we got the address wrong so ended up on 34th street and had to quit jet up to 49th but we seemed to make it on time. Was happy to run into some professors from college along with some other friends I had known (and didn’t know they lived here). Good to catch up but certainly made RIT feel like a long time ago. Stayed around catching up for a bit before Jon & I headed to Sunnyside (Queens) for a Taco Night at a friends. This is our monthly (rotating) group of friends that meets for movie nights, game nights or taco nights. Super tasty food all around and always fun to meet new people!

photo 1-3

Saturday morning started off with cinnamon buns and strawberries. Hung around for a while before heading to Astoria-Ditmas (further north in Astoria) to Parrot Coffee which has quickly become our favorite bulk nut/dried fruit & coffee place. Stocked up on some trail mix making things before coming back down to Brooklyn. Got in 2 loads of (much needed) laundry, gave my plants a little attention, cleaned my room & made brownies. One of our friends moved to NYC last November and recently moved into a new apartment so she was having a housewarming party. Met up with Jon around Grand Army Plaza – had a nice walk through Park Slope to get there. So many amazing houses. Good night of hanging out with RIT friends. It’s definitely interesting to see everyone becoming friends based on location. They’re people that I didn’t see that much (or at all) at RIT and suddenly due to our proximity we’ve all become friends.

Sunday morning started off with some super tasty oatmeal – my new recipe (see above) and coffee before heading off to church. Met someone new at church – turns out she used to live in Chicago and is a user experience designer! Helped clean up after church – they have to take everything down and make it look like a restaurant again. Jon’s roommate had prepared a super delicious lunch for us when we got back. He made me a portobello mushroom burger & Jon had a bison burger. Also made an Ecuadorian potato/pepper/onion dish, nachos with beans & goat cheese and homemade guacamole. Seriously amazing. There was absolutely no way we even came close to eating everything. He’s such an amazing chef & is, due to health reasons, unable to really eat much right now so he’s been experimenting and we’re benefiting from this. So thankful 🙂

photo 3-1 photo 2-1

One of Jon’s new roommates has a cat named Max – who has previously been featured on the blog. He’s quite the cuddly (& fat) kitty. Spent much of the afternoon hanging out with him. Lazy Sunday afternoon – the wind is crazy! It sounds like the houses are going to fall over at any minute. Walking to the subway last night, it looked like a deserted land. I had to dodge cardboard and plastic bags flying in the street. It was so windy that the trash was blowing everywhere.

photo 4photo 5-2 photo 1-1 photo 4-1

Good Sunday & now I get a full day to add onto my weekend! Feeling pretty lucky. Quick 3 day week after this & then I’m headed home on Friday morning! Looking forward to some Maryland time.


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