Weekend: Central Park

Lots of outdoor time on Sunday.

I went to the earlier service for church because I was working in the nursery for the second. Got to hold cute babies which always makes for a good morning!

Went back to Astoria for brunch with Jon (which by this point was 2:30pm) at Kickshaw. Ended up having to wait for almost 40 minutes because it was packed so by the time we finally got seated we were both starving. Ended up being seated directly in front of the kitchen space though (which was really only two burners and one guy behind a counter whipping out huge amounts of food.) – brunch & a show!

Headed into Manhattan afterwards for some wandering and exploring. I picked to go to Central Park for some outdoor time and lots of walking! Because walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and all that the day prior was just not enough.

photo 2 photo 3

I cannot get over how huge and fantastic this city is. There’s something striking about standing on a giant rock in the middle of trees in Central Park and looking towards Midtown at all of the huge buildings.

photo 1

Jon, of course, climbed trees.

It was also more than a wee bit chilly and windy outside.

photo 4 photo 5 photo 1-1

When all was said and done it came out to 12,902 steps.. or 6.7 miles of walking. I think the final number was actually a little higher than that but I’m finding this app vaguely accurate (I think). Not bad, still looking at that 11 miler though – maybe once it gets a little bit warmer.

photo 2


2 thoughts on “Weekend: Central Park

  1. Which app are you using? I’ve tried pedometer but not sure that it is very accurate. Sounds like a lovely day in NYC.

    • I’ve been using an app called steps – it does the job when I’m walking around outside but I don’t think it’s 100% accurate. Doesn’t seem to track any of my indoor walking.

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