Two Years

Can’t believe it’s already been two years since Jon and I got back from our trip to Seattle and Portland & started dating. It’s been quite the time for major adjustments – 2 summers apart (Chicago to NYC and Rochester to NYC), senior year of college, graduation, last quarter at RIT apart when Jon moved to NYC to start working, finally living in the same city and then realizing that Astoria and Brooklyn are not very close. The other night I was going back through pictures on my phone and realizing just how much we’ve packed into these two years in terms of exploring – this might have something to do with my incessant need to make to-do lists and the fact that we’ve been living in some pretty awesome cities.

To celebrate two years together, Jon made reservations at Almond in Manhattan in the Flatiron District. It was rainy and kind of cold out so we wandered through Eataly before dinner started.

Oh my goodness. Most amazing food.

It was their meatless Monday special meal – which Jon had found out before we got there <– major boyfriend points 🙂

First course was a cream & onion pudding type thing (hard to describe) with balsamic vinegar and parmesan chips.

photo 1-1

Next was cauliflower soup (omg amazing – I asked the waitress for the recipe). And Jon got a broccoli salad with horseradish and some other things. Pretty tasty.

photo 3

photo 2-1

The main course was pesto gnocchi with parmesan and pistachios. So. Amazing. We were both full at this point so ended up only eating about half (which made for the best lunch leftovers today!)

photo 2

Last but not least was dessert that we split (and couldn’t even finish so that was enjoyed today as well). Banana walnut cake with carmel on top and the 2nd dessert was this creamy mousse with pistachios.

photo 4

photo 1-2

It was pretty crazy to feel like big kids going out for a fancy dinner and then walking home to the subway under the glow of the Empire State Building. Couldn’t ask for a better night, dinner or person to spend the last two years with 🙂



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