Easter & Springtime In Brooklyn

Started off Easter morning with a four mile loop around prospect park. Loving the warm (or relatively warm) spring weather lately.



Headed off for Easter Sunday at the park slope church a few blocks away. It’s actually only my second time there despite having attended the life group with some girls from there for a few weeks now. Definitely like meeting more people who live in my immediate area. Went out to brunch afterwards with some friends around Atlantic ave which rounded out the walking for the day to 8 miles. Yikes! My feet were more than ready for a break when I got back.


Jon got back from North Carolina on Monday so I headed to queens on Monday night to see him! (& his roommates cat max)


Other events this week have included freelance design work, enjoying sunny walks home from work, after work welcome drinks for new coworkers, and cooking delicious and random dinners (big kid spaghetti with canned tomatoes, homegrown basil & goat cheese).



Seriously cannot believe that tomorrow is Friday. Keeping pretty busy at work which makes the days fly by. I’ve been working on one big project for the past month or so, can’t wait to finally release more information about it sometime soon!

Apologies for the updates that have been few and far between. Still finding the balance between work, freelance, exploring NYC and staying sane!

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