All Kinds of Busy

I’m back! Kind of.

Life has spiraled into all kinds of busy. Staying later at work, freelancing during any open night hours, traveling places on the weekends, attending sweet after work events. Busy! It’s been good but my room and plants are begging for a bit more attention.

These pictures are so old now (2+ weeks) so I won’t even try to date them. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to:

Working on a project that required an early morning walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Project won’t launch for a while so I can’t share just yet but it’s exciting! And pretty awesome that we can just hop on the bridge in less than a 10 minute walk from the office.

photo 1-3

photo 3-2

Attended a friend’s performance at a little bar/restaurant in Astoria a few weeks back. Fun to have an entire place filled with people that I knew! photo 2-3


Sunday morning brunch date with Jon at Omonia cafe – the makers of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding cake.

photo 5-3


Walk through Central Park on one of the first warm days of spring! Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to wander back through now that more flowers/leaves are out.

photo 1-1

photo 2-2

photo 4-2


Espresso & cappuccino date with Jon. Weekend tradition. We pretend to be fancy.

photo 5-2


Ride on the East River Ferry from LIC to DUMBO to attend the first Smorgasbord (food festival) of the season! photo 5-1


First lunch outside with a bunch of Carrots. Seriously this view is a 3 minute walk from the office!!photo 2

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 10.37.43 PM


Food from the above mentioned Smorgasbord festival. Tofu taco.

photo 4-1


And delicious teriyaki balls which Jon and I split.

photo 3-1


We had a pretty major leak in the bathroom. Which was discovered at 7 am. And wasn’t fixed for three days. There’s always something!photo 3


View of my walk to work – complete with giant inflatable rats that are protesting something (asbestos). photo 4


Cauliflower soup that I made one night when Jon came over (his request!) along with parmesan crisps. We were inspired by that soup that I had on our anniversary.

photo 1


Views from the East River Ferry.



Took an after work run down to the lake in Prospect Park on one of the first warm days. Such a good way to end the day! photo 5


There have been many more things since then so I’ll attempt to catch up to speed this week and hopefully get back into the blogging groove. This past weekend I was in Hershey, PA with Jon for his best friend’s wedding. So nice to escape the city for a bit, even if it was only 2 days. Took the 5am train back yesterday morning (which meant a 4 am wake up for us all, oops!). I made it to work on time but it made for a very, very sleepy me by the time 4pm rolled around. Luckily this week has been insanely busy so far with new projects and meetings so I have no time to be tired. Thank you caffeine!


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