Daily Adventures

I’m growing arugula. I can’t bring myself to thin it, even though I should.

photo 1-2

I’ve been eating mass quantities of vegetables and last week got ramps through the CSA to make homemade ramp pizza. It was alright. I didn’t think to make or buy dough before hand so I got frozen dough at the Italian place down the street and proceeded to wrap it in warm blankets. Needless to say, I ate at 11pm.

photo 1-5

Some nights I just chop up veggies and roast them in tinfoil. Those nights I feel a bit smarter. And less hungry.

photo 3-4

One night last week I met up with Jon after work but he was slightly late so I hung out in Bryant Park for the first time all season. Lots of trees with christmas lights underneath them, a rather ominous looking sky and little park benches to sit on.

photo 1-3

Our purpose for the trip was to see the Target Dream House that they had built life size in the middle of Grand Central Station. We got there just as they were starting to tear it down. Perfect timing.

photo 2-4

Last Thursday morning a coworker found an article about “Cronuts”, a crossiant donut hybrid that a baker had invented and was releasing to the public for the first time on Friday morning. We happened to have already made plans to go to Creative Mornings, the monthly design lecture that is put on by Swiss Miss. This month’s talk was near Union Square. This bakert was near Union Square. So we set our alarms early and ventured there for the opening at 8am. Good thing because they sold out that day. Not far after we were there. We managed to snag 5 cronuts and brought them back to work to share with coworkers.

photo 4-4

But first we had to carry the 5 cronuts to a lecture by Seth Godin (!). It was amazing. Add this to reasons I love NYC. We got to sit around and drink coffee and listen to someone who I’ve followed on blogs and through their books for a few years now. And it was free.

photo 5-5

The minute we got to the office, we were descended on by vultures.

photo 1-4

It was delicious. And so worth that early alarm.


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