The Days We Walked

Two weeks ago my parents came up to Brooklyn for some city adventuring. It was their first time up here since October (!) so I had lots of city to show them.

Friday night they met me in DUMBO at work to see Carrot. Friday afternoons are generally a pretty crazy time/a good time to see all of the office culture in one visit. Took a trip up to the roof too to see our sweet Manhattan views. Walked around Brooklyn Bridge Park & the waterfront before heading towards Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill. Really fancy brownstone neighborhoods with tree lined streets makes for good walking paths. Also got to check out the new bouncy bridge they put in. Apparently I was so excited they were there on Friday that I didn’t take a single picture. Oops. We ended up walking down Court Street in Cobble Hill & eating dinner at Nature’s Grill and then going for the best ice cream ever at Blue Marble Creamery just down the street.

Saturday morning they came down bright and early to meet for breakfast at Windsor Cafe in Windsor Terrace. Jon met up with us as well. Super tasty breakfast before heading out to walk through Prospect Park. You could certainly put on a lot of miles in that place. Watched some softball/baseball games happening in the fields, visited the boathouse, saw part of the lake, walked through the woods to find a waterfall, walked on part of the loop, visited the zoo and finally walked up the long end of the park past the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens towards Grand Army Plaza and the farmers market there. Hung out in the grass for a bit before walking down through part of Park Slope to De Lux, a coffee shop.

photo 1

Mom’s one request was to join in on our weekend cappuccino/espresso run which has become a regular thing now.

photo 2

Took about a 5 minute pit stop back home before hopping on the subway and heading to Manhattan.

photo 2-1

Walked through Washington Square Park and a little bit of the west village before heading to dinner at The Grey Dog, one of my favorite restaurants in Manhattan. Walked north towards the Flat Iron building and Madison Square Park where we stumbled upon a new art exhibit that had just been put up. It was also surprisingly chilly outside so a detour through Eataly was necessary to warm up.

photo 5-1 photo 3 photo 3-2

20130504-215340.jpg Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 11.23.03 PM 20130504-215346.jpg 20130504-215332.jpg photo 4-2

Finally ended up at Think Coffee, the coffee place near Union Square that Jon & I have gone frequently. I guess it was a pretty good peek into what we usually do around here. Walk, eat, drink coffee, repeat.

photo 1-3

Spent some quality subway time for the full NYC experience.


Sunday morning I woke up early and got ready to head to Jersey City for a (week early) Mother’s Day Brunch. So crazy to pop out in Manhattan for the 5 borough bike race, walk under the Freedom Tower to the crazy tunnel of escalators and then 5 minutes later pop up in Jersey City on the other side of it all.

photo 5-2 photo 2-3 photo 1-4 photo 3-4

Sunday included lots of delicious food (thanks Aunt Barb!), so much puppy time and a central park walking tour that Eric & David had set up.

photo-1 photo 4-3

Amazing, amazing views of Manhattan from the other side. photo 5-3

A delicious breakfast prepared by Aunt Barb – cinnamon rolls, rhubarb coffee cake (YUM) and a make-your-own quiche  frittata? egg with veggies in a muffin pan? Delicious regardless of the name.

photo 1-5

So much puppy time.

photo 2-4 photo 5-4

photo 3-5

Eventually made our way to Manhattan for a Central Park walking tour. Complete with puppies (!). Can you tell I don’t have enough dog petting time in my life?

photo 3-6 photo 4-5

We took a guided tour through the top part of the park which was super cool because I had never really ventured up to that part. The park itself is so huge that it’s easy to go there a bunch of times and still miss out on a giant section.

The tour was mostly around the conservatory which was gorgeous and filled with all sorts of new spring flowers. Perfect day to be outside.

photo 1-6 photo 2-6 photo 5-7 photo 4-6 photo 3-7 photo 2-7 photo 4-7 photo 5-6

When the weekend was all said and done, I think it came out close to 25 miles of walking from Friday-Sunday. Yikes! I told mom & dad that this was revenge for all of the hikes they took me on as a kid 🙂 They seemed content with all of the walking though, so I don’t think it quite counts as revenge. Overall a spectacular weekend and I really enjoyed getting to show my own parts of NYC 🙂 Or at least those that I know so far.

Definitely needed to rest some Sunday night because I felt a little like this:

photo 3-8


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