Filling the Days

Saturday morning was a super relaxed start to the day – after a long work week last week I was more than happy to wake up to an overcast rainy morning and clean up my apartment a bit. Eventually made plans to meet up with Jon in the west village but stopped in DUMBO first to pick up an umbrella I had left at work. They were shooting Spiderman there all last week and this weekend so the streets were packed with the crew trucks. Didn’t get a glimpse of Spiderman unfortunately but some of my coworkers did.

photo 3-5

Walked from West 4th Street down through Broadway and Layette (with a pit stop at Warby Parker, a store that sells glasses) and finally down to Chinatown. One of my coworkers has given me a list of 21 of her favorite places in Chinatown to go which is hugely helpful because I couldn’t even begin to decide where to go otherwise. Settled on Vanessa’s Dumplings which turned out to be a great pick when both Jon and I got lunch for $12 total – and I had leftovers!

Seasame pancake with veggies in between – super tasty, I’d get that again. Like an inside out chinese pizza. And whole wheat vegetable dumplings – which made for a terrific leftover lunch on Monday. We sat in a rather concrete filled park under a tree to enjoy lunch 🙂

photo 4-6

Made our way slowly back towards Broadway Lafayette in search of a coffeeshop when we realized it was about to absolutely downpour and thunder. The only place nearby was Nespresso so we hopped inside just before the rain. Jon might have learned my fear of thunderstorms. Oops.

photo 5-6

Sunday morning had an early start to get laundry started. Talked to Mom to wish her a happy mothers day while that was in the washer and walked all over the neighborhood. Laundry is such a good way to get weights & walking in. Made a quick breakfast before dashing off to church – and talked to Grandma on the way. Clearly multitasking is the way to go! Luckily church is only a 15 minute walk away so I was able to make it there on time. Stopped by the farmers market briefly on the way out to pick up a surprise supply of pickles for Jon before heading up to Queens to meet him in time for lunch.

Decided that some cooking was in order for Sunday afternoon relaxation so Jon had picked out a tomato & roasted garlic soup recipe to try along with a salad and some asparagus I brought from Farmigo at work.

photo 2-6

We even made parmesan crisps to go on top! It had kind of melted into the soup by this point though.

photo 3-7

Tried to head back to Brooklyn early on Sunday night because I had a 5:25 wake up call on Monday morning! Busy week so far but I was able to meet up with Jon last night after work for an oh so romantic grocery shopping date 🙂 Tonight after work I stayed a little later and went running 2.5 miles along the Brooklyn Bridge Park with 2 coworkers – there are 19 of us from work running in a race in 2 weeks so we have to prepare! It’s still a little tough but I haven’t gotten out running as much as I hoped. Still amazing views to run along side and friends to run with!

photo 5-7




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