Apartment Tour

Figured that I’ve been here long enough and changed a lot of my apartment that it was time for a virtual apartment tour!

View from the front door – wall of art (not yet framed) and window with all of my plants!



Full view from the wall with the bathroom – two windows look out into trees & the garden below. In love with all of the green happening.



Just in case you want to see plants 🙂 Fire escape outside my window.



View into my bedroom. It’s the least exciting and decorated portion of my apartment. Pretty tiny and closet like but cozy.



View of the front door (on the right) and bathroom door (on the left). And the famous yellow couch!



Coffee corner & better view of my bookshelf/desk combo. I have plans for that giant seemingly white frame. I essentially framed white paper but am going to use dry erase markets on top of it!



More desk & my dresser.


That’s it! Cozy little place & I’ve definitely had fun making various improvements over the time that I’ve been here.



One thought on “Apartment Tour

  1. Love the tour” AND your yellow couch especially. Is that your arugula growing in the large pot – in the picture with a portion of your yellow showing. Would it do better on the fire escape. Lettuce likes cooler weather and would get more light and sun than it does indoors. I don’t know what direction the back side of your building faces. You have a good view of the courtyard behind your building. Pretty spot to look down into. Have a good Sunday. I think you really lucked out when you got this apartment. Great street and great location. Your Dad calls it Sesame Street ! Love you. Nana

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