Recent Eats + A Monday Morning

I got the pictures together for this blog post a few weeks ago but then never proceeded to do anything with them. Today presented just the story to accompany the food!

As luck would have it, our fridge broke this morning and I spent the morning tossing out food (thanks Aunt Barb for the voice in my head saying ITS WARM TOSS IT OUT! good thing I didn’t have quite as much effort put into any of the food I lost though). After throwing out almost everything, I loaded up the few things that could be saved into a bag and brought them to work with me. Nothing like carrying 2 heavy bags (of watermelon, blueberries, tomatoes and zucchini) on the subway to make you feel like a pack mule.

Not to mention the grocery bag handle with the bad food broke on the way down to the trash. And it was rainy today so I had to figure out how to maneuver with the heavy bags, umbrella and subway card mix. Oh, and a laptop on my back. Yay NYC.

I sat down on the train and was feeling super frustrated and annoyed with the way my Monday morning was starting off only to sit next to a guy and his 1.5ish year old kid. Said kid (although quite cute) started screaming bloody murder for the next 5 stops. And the train stayed extra long in one of the stations just so my ear drums got to experience it fully. The guy refused to pick up his kid, soothe him in any way or even really acknowledge that he was screaming. The rest of the train and I exchanged some looks. Thanks, Monday.

But then…

I saw this woman approach where we were sitting (the man, myself and screaming child). She stood close by for a bit just looking at the two of them and I could tell she was really trying to hold back something. A few seconds later she walked up and knelt down next to the kid and proceeded to talk to the guy. It was seriously the sweetest thing, although took a huge amount of courage because the guy could have been really rude back. She kept telling him, please just pick your child up, hold him and love him and he’ll be comforted. The guy refused (although rather nicely) and said it was inconvenient because he was getting off in a few stops and said that his kid always did this (yeah… kid’s cry). The woman stayed with him for a while longer and found out that apparently the guy was a single dad and was struggling. Right before he got off the train she leaned in and said, just promise me that you’ll hold him and show him love. At that moment the kid stopped crying.

Gah. Humanity. It’s amazing.



In less touching news, here are a few things I’ve been making recently. Pasta with homemade weird kale/spinach/cashew pesto. It’s weird, I don’t really recommend it.



It made for a pretty dinner though. Sautéed some onions, roasted some asparagus and voila, weeknight dinner.




Some even I went to a while back gave me a free chobani sample at their SoHo location. I was out grabbing something for Jon’s birthday present in the area and thought I’d stop in. I got a chocolate and pistachio mix. Seriously so good! I have a feeling I’m going to be making quite a few trips there.




Also in food news, each Wednesday we donate food to the NYC Food Bank (From Carrot & Farmigo). The committee that I co-chair is actually heading up the donations so we get to lug around 50 lb bags of potatoes every Wednesday. Sometimes we recruit guys to help – that’s the UX intern for the summer.



Of course there have been many more undocumented things in the middle but summer food mostly consists of pita, hummus and salad. And my recently discovered obsession with Bubble Tea.

Also, in case you missed it I’m slowly catching up on June and just posted the blog for my Penn State/Central PA Trip. Still working on a few more – these were those posts that I promised last week, oops!



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