Birthday Weekend

Jon’s birthday was at the end of June so we spent a full weekend celebrating. He also had a photography assignment that weekend so I got to play photo assistant (and actually not really do that much other than provide company, some directions and food).

Picked up a zip car super early (my first time being in one!) and headed across the bridge into Staten Island and New Jersey. Our destination was Ocean Township and we wanted to beat the crazy summer beach traffic. I think leaving before 7am did the trick.


After he shot some stuff we headed a few minutes away to the ocean! We were on the beach and had our toes in the sand by 9am – pretty crazy! It felt like we had the beach to ourselves for a while before every one else came rushing in. Took a nice long walk along the beach before heading back to shoot a bit more and then leaving town!

IMG_7862 IMG_7865 IMG_7872 IMG_7875

If there is one thing that I learned growing up, it was the importance of car snacks. Fresh strawberries and blueberries to munch on.

IMG_7894 IMG_7895 IMG_7896

Made it back to Brooklyn by 11:30. It was insanely hot by that point and the traffic going the other way was crazy so we were super thankful for the early start.

Hung around in Brooklyn for the day trying to stay cool. In the afternoon we headed to Prospect Park to walk around for a bit. When we got there it only took a few minutes to realize that something was going on. There were streams of people walking into the center of the park and lots of noise coming from that area. We decided to investigate and discovered Trop Fest, NY’s Short Film Festival! I thought we were originally going to just walk around and be done but we ended up sitting down and hanging out for the entire first half of it.


It definitely helped that they had 10-15 food trucks set up just behind the venue. Made for a delicious grilled cheese dinner on the go while we watched the films. It still blows my mind that I can walk out the door and be to a place like this in just a few minutes.



Sunday was another super hot day so an afternoon trip to the German Beer Garden in Chelsea was much needed! It was also high on Jon’s list for birthday trips.We had originally planned to meet there and have brunch at a restaurant under the high line. We actually put our names on the list for breakfast but ended up just sticking with beer.

IMG_7906 IMG_7908

Enjoyed some giant beers, a huge pretzel and some meat/slaw related items. Getting in touch with those German roots. Although, I don’t know when I’m going to be able to eat a pickle again. And I’m pretty sure Germany is the worst place for a vegetarian. 


Headed back down to Brooklyn but this time allllll the way down the line to Brighton Beach (next to Coney Island) for more of Jon’s photoshoot. I… supervised.


It’s pretty crazy what sweet views were down there. It feels so, so far away from Manhattan. Very abrupt change from being in Manhattan near the High Line only an hour earlier. Hung around along the water for a bit before heading back.


Dinner was Pork Slope BBQ. I can’t speak for the BBQ but the Mac & Cheese was delicious. I’d definitely go back there and I think Jon enjoyed going to another place that was more meat heavy than our usual restaurant picks 🙂 I told him I’d go back even NOT on his birthday.


Pretty packed weekend with lots of new adventures and that wasn’t even his actual birthday! On Monday I headed up to Midtown to meet him after work. We headed to LIC (Long Island City) to have dinner at his pick, Sage’s General Store. It’s a place we’ve looked at going before for brunch but it’s always super packed. Dinner at 8:30 pm seemed to be quite easy to get in. Started with some watermelon basil lemonade – so good! Jon learned how to make it homemade. He had a homemade mac and cheese that was basically 4 cheese pasta with caprese mixed in. Super tasty. I had a vegetable brick oven pizza. Both of which I apparently failed to photograph. Delicious and there were definitely leftovers!


Headed back to Astoria to hang out for a bit and as we got close to his apartment we heard all sorts of fireworks going off! Ran up to the roof and got a nice 15 minute or so firework display that was actually pretty close. I told him I planned that part just for his birthday 🙂



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