Father’s Day

So Father’s Day happened… a few days ago. Mom, Dad + Sarah all drove up for the weekend. It was Sarah’s first time in Brooklyn (since I moved here anyway). Friday night after their long trip (due to traffic) we met for dinner in Park Slope at Olive Vine, a cute outdoor mediterranean restaurant. Aside from getting slightly eaten by bugs, it was great! Walked around the neighborhood before Mom & Dad headed to Jersey for the night. Meanwhile, Sarah and had a rambunctious night… and were in bed by 10:30 🙂

Woke up Saturday morning to enjoy some crossword time on the stoop. Headed to Colson’s Patisserie for breakfast: croissants! We actually ended up loving it so much that we went twice during the weekend. How I don’t stop there every morning for breakfast is no small feat of self-control.



The day included much walking. Jon met up with us and we headed to the High Line in Manhattan. Walked the entire length of it (14th-34th street) before crossing over one avenue to the Hudson walkway. Walked the Hudson path from 34th-14th street before figuring out that the lunch place we wanted to go to was 2 avenues over and 10 streets up. So much walking. Had a super delicious lunch at Co. – so much pizza! The rest was much needed. After lunch we wandered from 24th street back down to 14th street to go to Chelsea Market and walk through.




Jon split off and we continued across Manhattan (towards 1st ave and 34th street) making a pit stop in Madison Square Park and Eataly.




Eventually made it to the East River Ferry dock on the far side of Manhattan. It was my first time walking across Manhattan in one day! Sarah was less than pleased. Rested for a good 20 minutes or so before boarding the ferry to head down to DUMBO.



Stopped by work to show Sarah around before heading back home to grab some dinner. Picked up salads at Just Salads and took them to the park to watch some baseball games and have a picnic dinner. I think we were all a bit exhausted but we managed to walk a few more avenues in search of some frozen yogurt!



Sunday morning was Father’s Day so we finally let dad have some say over what we were going to do for the day 🙂 He requested another breakfast at Colson’s. More croissants! Before heading back down to DUMBO for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.




After walking we made our way to Brooklyn Bridge Park for Smorgasbord, a food festival in DUMBO. Had fun taste testing a bunch of different things included this jello, edible cup that Dad found. Had some bubble tea, pork something (not me…), a shared arepas and some terriakyi dough balls filled with potato.







Headed back for some more frozen yogurt in Park Slope and ran into a street festival that went on for about 25+ blocks. Before long it was time for them to hop back in the car and head south. Overall a super fantastic weekend of walking, eating and catching up. It was great to get to show them around some of the places and things that I’ve been doing and writing about. Having people visit is starting to make me feel like I actually live here!


Side note: If you decide to visit, I won’t make you walk this much 🙂



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