NYC Summer + 4th of July

For having no AC and having some days with heat advisories, I’m impressed with how I’ve been able to.. not die. A giant box fan and frequent showers seem to help. Bubble tea has become a summer obsession.. whether or not that actually has hydrating powers, I have yet to figure out.

Spent some time last weekend in Queens – went to church in LIC again before the stupid G train shuts down for the foreseeable future (due to Sandy repairs). Even on an overcast day, there are some pretty sweet views.


Headed into Manhattan after church (and lunch at Cyclo, a vietnamese place). Took refuge from the heat and crazy inside a fancy furniture store. The guy thought we were tourists but that’s okay. Took this photo for Eric because I figured it would be his ideal couch 🙂


Found ourselves at the beer garden yet again… noticing a trend? Best summer spot ever. A beer and a game of ping pong, not a bad Sunday afternoon. IMG_8026

Got the first full watermelon of the summer – thankfully in Astoria which mean Jon got and carried it 🙂 I had the urge to throw these rinds off of the roof though just like at home but decided that was perhaps not the best idea.


Picnic dinner (easy nachos with feta, guac and salsa) on the roof to watch the sunset!


Fourth of July was spent outside! With sunscreen. Headed to Prospect Park for a BBQ with a bunch of friends from church. It was super fun to hang out for almost 5 hours meeting a bunch of people and eating summery things. This spread below was not our picnic but that of the people next to us – we were super jealous! We were all crowded under a huge tree for some much needed shade from the heat.


Headed home to whip up a quick pasta salad before going over to my coworker’s roof for an amazing view of the sunset and fireworks. While we couldn’t see the Macy’s fireworks up close and personal, not having to deal with the crazy subway nonsense before or after was fantastic. We were also able to see probably about 25+ fireworks displays over in Jersey, Williamsburg and DUMBO. Great 1st 4th of July in NYC!




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