This and That

NYC has had some exceptionally nice sunsets over the past few weeks or so. It always seems like no matter what the weather is during the day, the sunsets are always gorgeous. One night after work last week I took the long way to the train and caught this sunset over Manhattan looking through part of Brooklyn Bridge Park. So worth the longer walk!


I was headed to Prospect Heights to meet up with some girls from Life Group at church. We had (dinner) at Ample Hills Creamery before going to a bar to hear one of our friends sing!


Such a fun night of getting to hang out with friends, enjoy the nice sunny weather and get to hear some super talented singers!


The next night I caught this sunset in Boerum Hill walking to life group. So pretty!


The view from our roof at work isn’t too shabby either! IMG_7977

And another sunset caught while I was riding the train. IMG_7986

Sorry for the random smattering of photos – I’m trying to catch up to what I’m up to more recently but was so behind in blogging!!

Jon has started a new shift at work which doesn’t have him getting out until 8 pm or later (mostly just later) but it actually gives me time to grocery shop and spend some time cooking. Not having AC & it being hot out minimizes how much I want to spend time in the kitchen though. On this given night I put together a food sampler: pita, guacamole, hummus, peach mango salsa, veggies, smoked mozzarella, sauteed mushrooms and steamed artichokes. I think it was a hit! Good summer dinner.


Last weekend we headed on a walking tour of Park Slope and Prospect Heights. It was so hot that we eventually parked ourselves in the shade at a cute coffee shop and read the paper. That didn’t last long before we headed inside into their nice AC. Fun place though! We’ll definitely be back.



I bought a Fit Bit Flex a week or so ago so my daily walking time has gone up considerably lately. It’s basically just a device that measures how many steps/miles I go a day. You get to set goals and see if you meet them. I really like it to see how active (or inactive) I am on any given day. It’s been the motivation for some late night walks if I want to squeeze in just a few more steps! The gorgeous sunsets and views are not a bad motivator either.


Sunset over the Prospect Park ball fields. IMG_8001 IMG_8004


One night I met up with Prisca and Casey (both from RIT) for a girls night at the german beer garden in the neighborhood and some swing time!


I really loved being in Brooklyn for the fall and winter but summer seems to just bring out a whole new part of the city. It’s awesome! So many things to do at any given time, sometimes I just have to remind myself that I can’t be at 50 things at once and taking a slow night is okay too!



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