photo 4-8

Spent the weekend trying to spend as much time in front of the fan and keeping cool in any way I could – which meant high watermelon consumption! Watermelon by the fan, watermelon with feta, watermelon with mint. And about 500 glasses of water.

Saturday and Sunday were both days with heat advisories and a quick check on confirmed that I was, in fact, melting. Never good to see “feels like 101 degrees” Yikes!

photo 1-6

Rearranged my room for maximum fan coverage. I can easily move the fan back and forth now without dumping over all of my plants.

photo 2-7

Saturday afternoon I met up with Jon in Chinatown (not a smart idea with the hoards of people!) but I did manage to get some bubble tea which made the trip worthwhile. Also stopped at a Vietnamese Grocery Store to pick up some items to make vietnamese for dinner!

photo 5-8

Ended up making our own homemade version of a dish we’ve ordered quite a few times at a restaurant down the street from me. Noodles, tofu and loads of veggies. We made a sauce for it (vegan fish sauce, garlic, lemon juice, soy sauce and oil) but it was super, super smelly.

photo 1-7 photo 2-8

After the quick dinner we headed to a show at the Waltz Astoria to see a friend play. We’d gone to one of his shows back in April and it was great!

photo 3-9

Sunday included church, walking around Park Slope (but super slow considering the heat), an early dinner, smoothies and  a movie. The weather here hasn’t been bad at all until this past weekend – that was clearly my tipping point. Way, way too hot to function.



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