Blueberries + Forts Made of Cheese

Overall, a pretty fantastic but unplanned weekend.

Friday night I met up with Casey after work for dinner and chatting in midtown. Saturday Jon and I made spanakopita for lunch. My fridge remains broken which makes cooking at his apartment tons more appealing. We’re getting pretty good at this recipe so I decided to change it up this time and made some peanut butter and jelly filled ones. I was a fan, Jon was not. More for me!



Eventually made our way to Gantry Plaza Park in Long Island City. We intended on hopping on a boat to Governor’s Island for some exploring but a giant rain cloud dissuaded us. Decided to hang out under a tree to wait for a later ferry down (and hopefully wait out the storm) but we got so distracted talking that we completely missed two ferries. Oops. Eventually hopped on a third and took it all the way down to Wall Street (ferries to Governor’s were not running by then).


Hopped out around Pier 11 and started making our way along the bottom edge of Manhattan. It’s an area that I haven’t been along a ton (even though i see it from work every day) so even with the rain it was fun! Walked out on a few of the piers, watched boats pass, and climbed on the rain soaked benches.



Made it to South Street Seaport for the first time ever. We climbed all the way up to the top floor of the building shown below for a sweet view of a sailboat docking.



We ended up walking all the way from Pier 11 all the way under the Manhattan Bridge and then up to Chinatown for a quick dumpling dinner. Cheap and easy! Somewhere along our walking, Jon remembered that he had been invited to a party so we quick switched some plans and made it over there to hang out with a bunch of RIT friends.

Sunday morning started off slow with coffee + the paper. Yes, I’ve moved my coffee maker even closer to my bed. Mostly for sound reasons (the grinder) but who doesn’t want to rollover and push GO. That is, if I remember to get everything set the night before.


Jon’s parents were in town for the day so I headed up to Queens to go to church with them. Wandered around Long Island City afterwards to check out the new Smorgasbord-like market they have going on there. We all decided that it was far to hot to eat outside so we went to the nearby Vietnamese restaurant for some lunch and AC.

After dropping some things off at Jon’s apartment that they had brought… 20 lbs of blueberries!!! we made our way back down to LIC to board the East River Ferry down to Governor’s Island (our failed Saturday plan). Fun, long ferry ride down the East River and eventually made it to the island for some wandering and Castle exploring.


There’s a giant castle/prison on the island that I have walked by a bunch of times but for some reason never walked in so we finally checked it out! Pretty cool to read about all of the history of the island (ex. 3,000 people lived there at one point, they had their own elementary school, boy scout & girl scout troops).




Boarded the last ferry off the island to head back up to Queens so his parents could head out and I could eat some blueberries. My fridge is sadly still not working, which means no blueberries for me yet but you better believe after it’s replaced tomorrow I’m headed to Astoria to gather them 🙂 And then making blueberry muffins and pancakes and cobbler and crisps and handfulls of blueberries.

Jon doesn’t think we can finish 20 lbs between the 2 of us, I told him that sounds like a challenge.


One thought on “Blueberries + Forts Made of Cheese

  1. Blueberries can be frozen you know – small freezer bags – in your new freezer. My goodness, it took them a long time to get around to re- placing a very necessary appliance !!!! Have you and Casey had any luck on finding an apartment ??? The sailboats are awesome. You expand my world and please know it is SO appreciated. Love you. Nana

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