A Drowned Rat

The best weekends seem to be the ones with no set goals. Aimless wandering, open to exploration and full of relaxation. It’s that perfect end to the week before the start of the next.

Finished my Friday at work next to this adorable face while working away on the couch in AC (much appreciated after having none at home).


Saturday morning started off perfectly with a blueberry pancake brunch. Fresh blueberries (in my new, working fridge!) that Jon’s parents brought up last weekend. We may have both gone through a considerable portion already.  IMG_8153

Since food is the most important part of the day, apparently I took pictures of nothing else. Spent the early afternoon reading the paper, searching for houses in foreign countries and doing laundry. Some of our afternoons are not very photo worthy.. here’s a folded shirt, and here’s another folded shirt, and here’s me sitting on the couch reading the paper. But much needed anyway 🙂 For an early lunch we made pita pizzas with a quick batch of homemade hummus, spinach, tomatoes from Farmigo, and topped off with pecorino romano and basil from my window!

IMG_8156 IMG_8154

The big event for the day was going to a concert in Prospect Park. The bandshell is super close to my apartment so we headed over there to meet up with some girls from church. Soon after getting in line it became quickly overcast and started sprinkling… and then raining… and then monsooning. Somehow none of us were prepared with umbrellas and no one else in line was making a move to leave due to rain so we stayed there and stood under my giant purple sheet.

Until that became completely soaked.

And then we pretty much just looked like drowned rats.

It was somewhere around the time where we looked like drowned rats, the blanket was no longer holding water and the lightening/thunder started that Jon and I looked at each other and came to the conscious that this was no longer a brilliant idea.


So we made (well.. waddled.. my shoes were so slick with water that I couldn’t keep them on my feet anymore) our way back. Good thing I live close because I was soaked through with matted down hair and dripping fogged up glasses.

It was clearly a very attractive moment. No, there are no pictures.

Made it back where we sat inside and dried off – until I got a text from the 3 girls saying they, too, were sprinting down my street and had decided to join us for some towels. Hung around inside while the lightening and thunder continued and debated if it was a good idea to go back or not.

Eventually everything had died down and we decided to wander back for the main show.

It was SO. GOOD.

The whole venue was packed and covered with christmas lights strung between the trees and the stage. We didn’t even seem to mind the rain when it decided to start up halfway through.


Absolutely fell in love with their music and have been listening to it ever since.



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