No Food Shortage

These pictures and the order of events might be slightly out of order but it was a month ago so it’s as close as I can remember 🙂

One of the days that I was home we headed to Rock Creek Park for a short hike. Sarah and I used to spend the majority of hikes growing up whining and complaining so we tried to replicate that as much as possible 🙂

The hike itself was only 2 miles or so on an easy path through the woods and down along the rock lined creek (hence, the park name).






We took a driving tour through some absolutely gorgeous neighborhoods in DC before arriving at our dinner destination: Etete! The restaurant was an Ethiopian restaurant that was super delicious. I’d never had that kind of food before but I will most definitely be looking for it in the future. We shared a vegetarian platter of various spreads and things. Everything is served on a fermented sponge bread which sounds really weird but goes really well with all of the other tastes! 20130728-142442.jpg

Time at home also included lots of House Hunters episodes, a trip to the AFI movie theater in Silver Spring to see 20 Feet From Stardom (really interesting movie) and lots of deck time.



One of the mornings we went for a walk through Centennial Park followed by a trip to the running shoe store for new running shoes for me!! My old ones were well worn and needed to be replaced (which I’ve been putting off for months). In the month that I’ve had these new ones, they’ve definitely gotten their fair share of use.


Fun snacky lunch with cheese, watermelon (more rinds off the deck), grapes and fresh bread.


Lots of sister goofiness.


And iced wine! Sarah, Mom & Dad had gone to some vineyards up in Upstate NY and had discovered iced wine so of course we had to recreate that.


Making ricotta with the leftovers from our mozzarella making.


Watermelon feta salad with mint!


And pasta with homemade pesto and ricotta (from above). There was really no shortage of food at home. Going through all of these again now makes me want to hop on a train and head back down there for breakfast tomorrow.


Home again, home again

A month long break was not the initial intent. Soon “oh, I’ll post tomorrow” turned into 20 some days later and here we are…

I had a fantastic 5 day vacation to Maryland at the end of July to spend lots of quality family time. Took the train home late one Wednesday night in order to maximize time at home.

The first morning there we all headed down to Baltimore for some breakfast and an art museum! Super tasty breakfast at a place whose name I unfortunately forget – Spoons? Delicious breakfast tacos. We wandered our way over towards the Inner Harbor to the Visionary Arts Museum. Dad had been looking at going there for quite some time. It turned out to be an awesome place!! It was a very funky and different museum with art from artist who were not traditionally trained. The best part of it was this entire room filled with Esther Krinitz’s hand embroidered stories of growing up during the Holocaust. We by far spent the most time in that room looking at the absolutely gorgeous hand-crafted pieces that told her whole life story. There was a video that went along with it.

The most random part of the museum was a fart wall – the artist was even standing by his artwork! He had a fart post where you could push a button and a different fart sound would come out as well as images that depicted what he thought different farts looked like – totally random and hilarious!





Out front of the museum was a sculpture garden, a funky mosaic bus and some other murals. There were 3 buildings included in the museum so it took some time to walk through but each was equally engaging. One building had a life sized chess set, another was filled with huge cars/moving contraptions and the third had the majority of the artwork (in the more traditional sense).



Of course, the weekend meant lots of quality sister time 🙂










Even after living in Maryland for as long as I did, we never really made it to Baltimore that often so it was neat to explore a city that wasn’t quite as large and overwhelming as NYC can be.

Headed home for some cheese making! It’s my number one request every time I go home now – homemade mozzarella. Although I typically lose focus due to the 2 hour long process.. Some kitchen dancing and wandering may occur.



Weekends home involve lots of delicious homemade food and a LARGE kitchen (which I have learned not to take for granted!). There was homemade foccacia to go along with the mozzarella. I’ve learned any food I wish for in passing… wish granted 🙂



Caprese salad with our freshly made cheese!



Also included in time home is hammock time! Even with living as close to the park as I do, there’s nothing like hanging out on the back deck or in the hammock. So much space!



And watermelon rind throwing might occur – something that would perhaps be frowned upon off the roof of my building.

I was home for five days so… to be continued…