Belated Birthday

It’s well… no longer August. But in an attempt to catch the blog up to the present here are some pictures!

Unknowingly, one of the last things I made in my apartment. Picked up some freshly made pizza dough from a pizza place down the street, got fresh mozzarella from an italian store nearby and roasted some peppers and tomatoes on top. It was delicious!



My 15 year old self would be shocked to know that I got up at 5:00am on my birthday. WIthout an alarm. I guess that makes me a big kid?

Either way, I started off the day with a gorgeous run around Prospect Park. I really need to get back to running early in the morning but that’s going to get significantly less fun now that it’s no longer summer. It’s so fantastic to have a park like this close by – it really doesn’t feel like you’re anywhere near Manhattan.



Jon made the long trek down from Queens at 7 am (!) just to have breakfast with me. Of course, my breakfast of choice was coffee and a croissant at a french bakery near me.



Had lunch with a bunch of coworkers at a good vegetarian place in Brooklyn Heights. Got the sweetest card from everyone at work πŸ™‚



After work I met up with Jon for dinner at Tacombi at Fondilita (spelled something like that) in SoHo. Delicious mexican food – the restaurant is pretty funky because everything is served out of a truck that’s parked IN the restaurant. We were going to go for ice cream afterwards but were both so stuffed with chips/guac and tacos that we opted out.




Walked through the streets of SoHo on the way back to the subway. It was a pretty fantastic birthday πŸ™‚ Even if it took me over a month to recap it!



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