New Space!

It seems about time to introduce my new space! Almost a month ago I made the crazy, split-second decision to find a new apartment! I’d been thinking about it for a while but never found the full motivation to. After two nights of Craigslist looking, I contacted 3 places to set up meetings. The crazy part of all of this was that this was Wednesday night and I was leaving for the Outer Banks on Saturday morning super early. Saw one place on Wednesday and liked it but didn’t fall in love with it. Saw another place on Thursday after work and fell in love with it. I just had to wait the 24 hours for a final decision!

Friday was spent mostly at the bank trying to figure out this whole “I don’t have checks” situation. Seriously, what bad timing to finally run out! Figured all that out, found out that I had the place at noon and then headed over there after work to turn in the deposit. The whole thing happened so fast! Once I had officially signed the lease, I headed back to my old apartment to not only pack for the beach but to pack for moving!

Left Saturday morning for the Amtrak Station [this will be a separate vacation blog post – will post in less than a month ;)]

Came back from a crazy amount of road tripping and train travel on the following Sunday morning. I headed directly to the new apartment with my suitcase in hand (!) to pick up the new keys. Then headed back to the old place to pack up everything before a 6pm ZipCar rental appointment to move everything over! In the mean time I packed and left for 2 hours to go to a friend’s birthday brunch. Crazy Sunday! I walked so much all over the neighborhood that day. Made a few trips, before we had the car, with little stuff in hand (Felt pretty ridiculous to be dragging my plants down the street).


But it’s all mine! Well, this room anyway. I have two super nice roommates. It’s a 3 bedroom with an amazing big kitchen (and dishwasher!) and a fantastic, sunny living room.

IMG_8983 IMG_8985

It took Jon and I 2 trips with the car and a total of 2 hours to move over a lot of my stuff. The bed, bookcase and a ton of boxes made their way over. We left the couch and some other stuff for when Mom & Dad came 🙂


View from the roof.


Bye, old place. You served me well but it was time to move on.

IMG_9027 IMG_9028 IMG_9031

Finally my new, partially set-up bedroom! It’s actually big enough to have my couch and bed in there so it’s like I have 2 living rooms! Clearly not everything with the room is done but I’m making slow progress. Got some pictures up, lights up, bookcase organized.


View from the couch at sunset.


And the number one best thing about this apartment is the kitchen!! Seriously so awesome. It’s SO much bigger and nicer than my last one. I didn’t realize how much I missed cooking like a normal person. I haven’t even been here a month so far and I’ve already taken advantage of it! I’m pretty sure my roommates are convinced that I’m always in the kitchen. Jon and I have made some pretty fantastic homemade brunches lately: roasted potatoes, omelettes with arugula, sautéed mushrooms and cheese, and mimosas! Just as good as the restaurants all around us 🙂


Last living room shot! I’ll have to take some more when the couch cover is on and everything is finally organized. I’ve managed to have a few free street finds – a nightstand! They need some clean up and a fresh coat of paint but will be a good addition.



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