Second September

Fall is definitely my favorite season. What makes this one even more awesome is that it’s my SECOND fall in NYC! Suddenly things that felt unfamiliar seem to be habit and I’m slowly checking off that list of “NYC To do’s”. It’s so crazy to me that I’ve been here for just over a year now. Moving did have a way of making everything feel new all over again. It’s weird how moving just 6 blocks away changed the feel of the neighborhood that I’m in. Technically the same neighborhood but it feels much more lively since I’m in the middle of the streets with all of the shops and restaurants. The move made my walk to the train in the morning twice as long – but that wasn’t hard to do considering I used to live just half a block from the train! Don’t mind the extra steps at all.

Here’s a little peek into what September has looked like:


Sarah and her volleyball team stayed in a hotel just a short 13 blocks away from my apartment so one morning when they were here I got up early before work and walked over to meet her! Definitely loved having her within walking distance so that’s something to think about for the future (hint hint).


Work has been pretty busy. Sometime’s I move around the office to get a different vantage point and it breaks the day up. Also gives me weird things to look at.


Two weeks ago I went to Fornino (a new outdoor brick oven pizza place in Brooklyn) three times in 1 week. It’s amazing and definitely worth the 20 minute walk after work to see the sunset over Manhattan. The view below is just looking back up at Brooklyn Heights.



When Sarah was in Brooklyn playing volleyball, my mom & dad came up as well. We went to Fornino the first night they were here for the awesome views and pizza! The next day was followed by many flights up and down the stairs to get the rest of my stuff moved into my new apartment. Then watched Sarah for the rest of the day!


We did discover a new cheesecake place called Junior’s. We got to pieces to go to share between the four of us and they were AMAZING. Carrot Cake/Cheesecake mix & a black forest one. So so good.


Also had the opportunity to celebrate the beginning of fall with an outdoor dinner with work friends! A coworker has a sweet rooftop in Manhattan and she invited us all over for an early Sunday dinner. She cooked SO much delicious food: pumpkin cream cheese roll, brussels sprouts, 2 types of lasagna, butternut squash mac & cheese. Delicious!

IMG_9047 IMG_9046

Sunsets around here are particularly fantastic. Here’s one from a random night walking home from a work event.


One of those 3 nights at Fornino was a blogger/news event. They just opened about a month ago and are trying to spread the word. They had a special menu planned and a cheese demonstration!


Lots of picture taking happened that night along with a whole lot of delicious pizza eating.


Best part was the mozzarella demonstration where we each got a huge chunk of fresh, warm mozzarella. Yum!

IMG_9077 IMG_9078


I have eaten things other than pizza this month but they weren’t eaten with such an amazing view.

It seems like more often than not every night during the week is booked with a work event, dinner, seeing friends or errands that need to be run. Organizing my room took up a fair amount of that as well. It’s still pretty hot around here so it doesn’t fully feel like fall but I’m looking forward to going apple picking next weekend with a bunch of friends!


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