Outer Banks [PART 1]

Considering it’s almost halfway through October, it seems time to do a recap of my trip to the Outer Banks… over labor day! Yikes. Where in the world has this year gone.

Anyway, Jon and I headed south for an end of summer vacation with his family. We left super early (after Jon had pulled a shift until 1am) to head to Hershey, PA where his parents are. Quick Amtrak trip there and then we got in the car for part two of the trip. Lots and lots of driving – in a manual car which meant Jon had to drive the whole way. Whoops. I haven’t driven since basically graduation time last year.


I made sure I was extra chatty to keep Jon awake. Plus this week was a new record for the longest time we’ve seen each other every day since.. we were in Portland when we met? I’m not sure, but it feels like it’s been a while.

We had two kayaks loaded up on top and a car filled with things which made it feel extra road-trippy.

This, below, was the world’s longest bridge ever. Seriously the thing ended in a tunnel which turned into another bridge. It was nutso and with some big wind gusts the water was super choppy. I was super glad when we made it to the other side!


Eventually made it to Corolla late Saturday night. The first thing we did after unpacking the car was head out to the beach (which was about a 3 minute walk!). SO COOL. Words and pictures can’t begin to describe how awesome the scene was. Totally black sky. Thousands of stars. Two shooting stars! And the sound of the ocean. It was amazing.

That was until I discovered the crabs on the beach… we walked down towards the water and Jon turned on a flashlight only to see hundreds of little crab eyes staring back at us. So creepy.

IMG_8803 IMG_8805

Much of the week included walks to the beach, eating, going in the hot tub and playing with Jon’s niece Hannah. Definitely a much needed vacation!

IMG_8813 IMG_8816

Seriously, how cute is she? So much fun getting to run after an almost 2 year old for a few days! I was ready to take her back to Brooklyn with me but something tells me that her parents would not be too pleased 🙂


One of the mornings we took the Jeep out to the 4×4 beach. It’s a stretch of the beach way way out that is only accessible if you have a 4×4 vehicle. There are wild ponies that roam on that part of the island. We were lucky enough to spot some just a few minutes after getting on the beach!

IMG_8838 IMG_8842

It was quite the bumping and fun ride. We had some unexpected traffic. Definitely don’t see that in NYC every day.

IMG_8845 IMG_8848 IMG_8856

We were super lucky and only had 1 rainy day all week! We had lunch at a brewery place along the road on the way to see the Outer Banks Aquarium. Turned out to be the perfect rainy afternoon activity.

IMG_8858 IMG_8864 IMG_8874

The majority of the week had absolutely amazing sunsets. We took advantage of them with a few walks out to the beach at sunset (and sunrise!). IMG_8877 IMG_8879

I took a lot of pictures that week so I’m going to split this up into a 3 part series 🙂 Hopefully I get around to publishing them before… December.

Stay tuned!



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