Outer Banks [PART 2]

Continuing the Outer Banks vacation week recap…

After we initially went out in the Jeep to visit the 4×4 beach, it quickly became a favorite and we went back a bunch of times! Jon and I went out one afternoon and he had fun driving around while I kept a lookout for wild ponies. We ended up driving back in the residential part of the 4×4 part of the island and finding some sand dunes to drive around on. Once I was sufficiently nauseous, we headed back to the house for lunch 🙂

IMG_8882 IMG_8886 IMG_8883

One afternoon we headed to the lighthouse on the island to climb it.


Hannah was a trooper and made it up a good amount of the stairs all by herself. The constant steps that we do around NYC made these feel like a piece of cake.

IMG_8892 IMG_8925

The view from the top was absolutely gorgeous. You could see 360 views of the ocean, sound and the whole island. Pretty sweet!

IMG_8896 IMG_8897 IMG_8903 IMG_8909 IMG_8928

Only one more part in this series to go!



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