Outer Banks [PART 3]

And finally…

Apparently I took quite a number of pictures on vacation. Couldn’t help it! We were constantly surrounded by awesome views, cute kids, sunsets/sunrises and the ocean!

The second to last morning Jon woke me up early to head out to the beach to watch the sunrise. Initially it looked pretty cloudy off in the distance and we were afraid we wouldn’t actually get to see anything. Turns out, it was absolutely gorgeous! So worth the early alarm.

IMG_8938 IMG_8939 IMG_8941 IMG_8944

Almost all of the meals we ate that week were at the house (rotated who cooked) which made it way easier with a 1.5 year old. Plus more fun with the food variety! Jon and I made tacos one of the nights for dinner and we attempted a ginger, lemon soda one day for an afternoon drink. It turned out super gingery but good. I think we still have a bit of work to do 🙂


Below was the taco meal that we seem to have used all of the bowls in the house for.. Oops.


Lots and lots of book reading & animal farm playing time!


Another night Jon and I got to go out on a date night. We went to a fudgery and picked up some fudge before heading down to the water to watch the sunset. Super pretty and definitely not a date you could get in NYC!


Hannah was my UX test subject for the week. Holy cow are little kids good at using iPads.


Not pictured was perhaps the best part of the week when we went out to the ocean on the last night to watch the NASA rocket launch over the Atlantic. Seriously. Words do not describe how awesome it was. I was so worried about not being able to see it or mistaking a star for it or something crazy. There was no mistaking this. A huge red and yellow burst of light came from the horizon and we got to watch each part of the takeoff where the various parts explode off of the rocket (not a technical description but you know what I mean…).

Sadly that was the last night there before the long journey back. Jon and I headed out around 10 on Saturday to drive back to Hershey. We decided to make it the full road trip experience and stopped cool, local places along the way. Including a farmer market for fudge to bring back and this awesome little cafe where I had possibly the best smoothie I’ve ever had (mango mojito).


Stopped in Delaware along the way too on University of Delaware’s campus for some pizza at a quick place I knew of along the main street. Then came the super slow part. There seemed to be no large roads between Delaware and Hershey so we ended up the slowest back route ever. At one point we were caught behind a horse and buggy and the whole situation just seemed hilarious. Eventually we did make it back and unloaded the car (including 2 canoes!) in record time. We’ve had our fair share of unloading and loading things lately. I don’t think we’re ready to start a moving company anytime soon.

IMG_8974 IMG_8979

Woke up the next morning bright and early (5am!) to catch Amtrak back to NYC. It’s always a jarring experience to step back into Manhattan via the 34th street station. So many people.

It felt like a crazy long and awesome week and I’m so glad we were able to make the trip down to hang out with Jon’s family!



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