Colors of the Wind

Fall has been all around spectacular, weather-wise.  Feels like we’ve had shockingly warm days up until recently (that’s probably not a good thing..) and gorgeous colorful trees. How awesome is it that this is a short 10 minute walk away?! I used to live even closer but I seem to make it to the park even more now.20131105-205033.jpg

Two weekends ago I hopped on a train to Hawthorne to meet up with Barb & Joe so we could all drive up to Ithaca together! The car ride up included a delicious dinner of roasted tomato soup and spicy peanut butter dip made by Aunt Barb – unfortunately not photographed but it was super tasty! We made it to Ithaca around 10pm or so and Mom and Dad were already there with Sarah. Family reunion weekend!

We spent lots of it walking around (or driving around campus rather – it was cold!), seeing lots of pretty fall leaves, catching up and eating tasty food! After a Saturday morning breakfast sampler at Sarah’s apartment, we wandered around campus checking out all of the cool Harry Potter-like buildings. Saturday afternoon we drove up one of the sides of the finger lakes for some wine tasting!




And I just realized why I have hardly any photos from the weekend… they’re all on Sarah’s phone. Whoops. Well just imagine the tasty food we ate and fall-colored places we walked through.

The highlight meal of the weekend was at Hazelnut Kitchen in Trumansburg, NY. Mom, Dad and Sarah have gone there many times before – to the point of the owner’s knowing who they were.  We ate so much delicious, local food. Celery Root/Root Veggie soup, beet salad, delicious ravioli with brown butter and celery root on top of chinese broccoli, cheese plates, and a bunch of other things that looked great but had meat in them 🙂

The weekend also included a stop at the Ithaca farmers market and two trips to Ithaca Bakery! All around a great and delicious weekend.



In other fall leafy events, Jon and I finally got to spend a full weekend together (well almost, he works Sundays)! A homemade pancake breakfast was followed by a walk through Prospect Park to see all of the leaves and attempt the NYTimes crossword. In a huge triumph of the weekend, we completed 8 answers on the crossword – only having Googled 2 of those. Progress…





We made our way down to DUMBO to catch a ferry over to Greenpoint. It unfortunately started raining right before we got there but the good news was we were some of the only people out with an umbrella so a nice guy from Canada came over to ask us questions about the ferry & directions. While we’d like to think we’re just nice to talk to, I think the umbrella was a draw 🙂 Actually he was super cool to talk to! He had driven down the night before from Montreal all to see the Marathon the next day as he was planning on training for one in 2 years! He asked us all sorts of questions about NYC and asked if we had ever been to 30 Rock.. as a matter of fact, Jon goes there every day!

Finally made it to Greenpoint and walked to a cafe that I’ve been waiting to go to forever called Milk & Roses! They have a very cute shop and an even more awesome backyard patio. We both had tea and shared a garlic white bean dip for a snack.



Walked around Greenpoint/Williamsburg a bit more before going to the Brooklyn night Bazaar. It’s an event held every year on Saturday and Sunday nights throughout the winter. It’s held in a giant warehouse and filled with food vendors, live music and artist displays. I don’t think it was quite like either one of us was expecting but was fun to check out anyway! Shared a giant spinach and feta filled risotto ball – pretty much as delicious as it sounds. When we were both sufficiently tired out we headed back home for apple cider and a movie – Amour (one of the academy award winners this year).

Sunday morning was the marathon! One of my coworkers was running in it so I headed down to 4th Avenue to see her pass by. It was fun to finally see it all happen after hearing about the training for so long – I wasn’t particularly sad that I was watching instead of actually racing though! This picture doesn’t do it justice but there were SO MANY people running it! Some packs of people going by were absolutely insane. We were standing at mile 6 though so people still had a fair amount of energy. I can only imagine what mile 23 looked like..



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