King’s County Distillery

On the Saturday before Christmas, I surprised Jon with a tour of the King’s County Distillery in Brooklyn. Somehow, I managed to keep it a complete secret for a week until we showed up at the guard tower in the Navy Yard (where it’s located) and had to tell the guard where we were headed.

(pictured below is what we made for brunch: sweet potato, goat cheese and kale fritatta with rye bread)


It was the one surprise warm day of the winter so the tour started outside where the Master Blender gave us a rundown of the history of Whiskey and Bourbon. It was interesting to hear how much history was behind it. We were shocked to learn that they only got their official license to make and sell whiskey in 2010!


The tour continued into the main room where they make it. Lots of big distillers where they put the fermented wheat/grains into big barrels (we actually got to stick our fingers in and taste it. Way more chemistry goes into the process than I ever imagined. It definitely made you appreciate all of the hard work that went into it and explained the price of some alcohol!

IMG_9737 IMG_9741

We made our way into a sunny room on the top floor where they stored all of their barrels of bourbon while it was aging. The picture below doesn’t even do justice to what the room looked like. It was gorgeous with the sun pouring in over the rows and rows of barrels.


The tour ended with a mini tasting of the moonshine, bourbon and two flavored variations (spiced and chocolate). Overall, it was more than an hour of learning about the process and I think we both walked away with a greater appreciation of how they make it. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who has a slight interest in learning more about what they’re drinking and how they make it.


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