Street Finds

You can get a lot of excellent things on the streets of NYC. With limited apartment space, people are almost always looking to get rid of things. Books, tables, couches, beds, you name it.. you can find it. Of course, you want to use some discretion when picking items up.

On one of my walks home a few months ago, I spotted this little night stand on the sidewalk. I had been on the lookout for something to go next to my bed but I wanted it to be unique. Turns out this was exactly what I was looking for!! And huge bonus, it was free.

So I toted it home and up four flights of stairs, cleaned it off with excessive amounts of lysol and it’s sat next to my bed ever since.


When I was home over break, Mom had mentioned that there was a store that sold non-toxic paint. So non-toxic that you can eat it and it has no fumes. Perfect for painting inside an apartment! I grabbed a little sample pot of it which was supposed to be enough to cover the nightstand.

Whipped the paint out tonight and set to work on it.


Getting that silly drawer painted was slightly annoying but overall the process was super easy. And smelled like nothing!


This is where I’m at right now. The left blue one is the original and the right is what I painted it to. I’m still contemplating some options for that back so it might be changing over the next few days. Looking to grab some contact paper for the drawer and touch up a few spots and it will be good to go. There is a gloss finish that I need to put on it when I decide I’m done messing with it. Pretty quick and easy Sunday afternoon project!IMG_0120


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