If You Build It

Hard to believe that it was just 14 days ago that I was coming back to NYC after christmas break. The days, while they each feel long, seem to be flying by. After a few snowy, cold days I was super ready to get out and explore again. Definitely miss some of the longer walks we used to take on weekends when it wasn’t so stinkin’ cold outside.

I ran across an article last week talking about this interesting documentary called If You Build It. I looked into it a little more and turns out it was premiering in NYC that weekend (last Friday)! Friday after work I met up with Jon and we headed to the West Village in search of dinner before the show. Found a cute little Greek restaurant and grabbed a seat by the window – rainy nights make being inside feel even more cozy.

The movie turned out to be fantastic! In short, it’s a documentary on two designers/architects who went to Bertie County, NC and started a design class which ended up having a huge impact on the community and students there. You can learn more about it here. They’re showing it around the country throughout the next year so I highly recommend it if it’s coming somewhere near you!


Afterwards there was a Q&A session with the director. I have to admit, I wasn’t initially that excited about a Q&A session but it turned out to be great! Not only was it the director of the movie but the 2 teachers of the class and one of the students in their original design class came and spoke as well. It was a fun and different way to spend a Friday night!


Saturday involved sleeping in and coffee and NYTimes reading at a (new) local coffee shop. We had an oh so romantic date to busy Trader Joe’s for groceries tucked in there too. Came home and I made Pear & Arugula soup for dinner while Jon did laundry. It actually turned out really well! I ended up leaving out one of the ingredients (a potato – Farmigo gave me moldy ones last week) but didn’t seem to miss it. Made some toasty croutons on top too.


After dinner I headed out to Hoboken (NJ) with Casey to meet up with Ariana one of our other roommates from RIT. She’s moving down to Texas to work at a sweet new place, Mary Kay! So she had one last going away party there. Jon met up not long after. Had a good time catching up before she headed off!


It did make for a super short night of sleep though. Sunday morning I woke up super early (6:30) to help set up at church. It ended up being really fun and I didn’t even push snooze that much (huge accomplishment when you see how weekdays have been…). We finished setting up so early that all 7 of us headed to a local diner for some food! Pancakes, eggs, coffee and chatting made for the best morning. It’s been fun getting to know those girls over the past year (!). Yikes, I can’t believe it’s really been that long. By the time church rolled around at 10:30, it felt like mid-day!

Had leftover pear & arugula soup with Jon before he headed off to work and then I set to work doing laundry and fully cleaning the apartment. Felt so good to get everything back in order before the next week started.

Of course, I started this blog post the day after and am posting it 5 days later… so clearly this week got a bit crazy! Whoops.


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