Full Weekend

Had just a couple things planned for the weekend and somehow it feels like every spare minute in between was filled up!

Friday night I met up with Jon and headed to Der Kommissar, a German restaurant in the neighborhood, for dinner. They have delicious veggie sausage options, a fun environment and tons of mustard to put on said veggie sausage. From there we were going to meet up with Jon’s roommate and his girlfriend but they were running a little behind so he had the brilliant idea to head to L’Albero Dei Gelati this fantastic gelato place. Had PA Maple Syrup and Chestnut Ginger gelato. Both were super tasty!


Eventually met up with Jon’s roommate, his girlfriend and her friend from college. In a weird turn of events, we ended up befriending these random people at the bar who needed a place to sit down and eat their dinner. Turns out they were related to the bartender and they were all cousins so it was a giant family reunion of sorts. By the end of the night there we hugs all around and we had met all of the cousins. Basically felt like a scene out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 🙂

Headed to bed early because we all had to get up super early so all 5 of us could pile on a train to Queens for a homeless care kit packing party. We’d done a similar one around this time last year and signed up again to help out. The train ride went super fast and before long we were spending 2 hours rolling up blankets with socks, hats, gloves, food, water and notes that are then handed out to homeless people on the streets. Pretty awesome project and made even more interesting because two of the people who run it were recipients of the homeless care kits years ago. We got to work alongside some high school kids as well who were bused there from somewhere in Brooklyn as well. Definitely two hours well spent. We completed 400 kits by the end of the morning.





Afterwards all 5 of us headed down the street to El Ay Si, a brunch place that Jon and I had been to back when we went to church there. Delicious food and even more fun to have a big group of friends to share it with.


Saturday afternoon was spent back in Brooklyn and was pretty low-key. NYTimes reading, chatting, Downton Abbey watching (Jon at least watched.. I napped). Later that night we headed out to Jon’s friend James’s house warming party. They’ve been friends since high school and hang out a lot now but I’d yet to meet him. Of course, every house warming party in NYC involves a whole lot of “oohh.. maybe I should move…”. But I think I’ll stay put for a bit 🙂

Changed it up today and had breakfast this morning instead of lunch after church. While drinking coffee, I spotted this dog outside. So cute! Wish I had more time and room for him in my apartment! Maybe someday…


Went to lunch at a Thai restaurant after church with three girls from church which was fun! It’s super chilly outside so I’m all bundled up and cozy on my couch for the rest of the afternoon. I have a few freelance projects to work on, some reading to do and perhaps a little cooking later.

It’s definitely felt like a very full and very good weekend. Looking forward to weekends with slightly better outdoor walking weather 🙂



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