Snowy Weekend

This weekend seemed to pass all too quickly. Sunday evening and I’m sitting in a clean apartment with fresh laundry and new pillows. Achieved big kid status this weekend when Jon bought his first scarf (HOW did he go to school at RIT…) and I bought much needed new pillows.

Nothing too crazy this weekend – started it out on Friday with pizza at Peppino’s. Chosen both for it’s insanely hot interior and delicious pizza. Friday was so chilly! Actually it’s been cold for quite some time. We had snow both all day yesterday and little flurries today.

Watched The Intouchables on Netflix on Friday – highly recommend the movie!

Saturday morning I got ambitious and made cinnamon french toast from Smitten Kitchen’s cookbook (the one that Jon got me for Christmas – genius). It turned out really well and was especially delicious with some veggie sausage that I picked up.

photo 3 photo 4

After some newspaper reading and coffee drinking (this time from the comfort of my living room with a snowy view), we headed into Manhattan to run a few errands. The errands ended up taking about 4 hours which is usually the case when looking for something in NYC. Especially when you enter the vortex that is Macy’s. Never again. That place is out of control.

We did make a pit stop at the Ace Hotel to visit the coffee shop that is in their lobby. Cool view of the Empire State building while we were sipping our drinks and watching taxis pass by. Unfortunately, the rest of New Yorkers also had the idea to go there so there was no seating to be found.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 5

Dinner was leftover pizza and appetizers after coming back from the exhausting outing (that we didn’t really accomplish much in..). Finished the rest of Zero Dark Thirty which we had started a few weeks ago. Super intense even though I knew the ending!

This morning we woke up early for a church service in Manhattan. The church that we’re apart of in Brooklyn is actually part of a much larger network of churches and they had the first semi-annual all city gathering at a high school. Over 1,500 people were all gathered together – it was pretty insane! Definitely a cool way to start off the morning. We ended up running into a ton of people from the church in Long Island City that we went to all of last year so it was great to catch up. A group of 15 of us (which later turned into 40) all headed to grab food afterwards at Heartland Brewery in Union Square. I think the waiters were a bit alarmed to get a group that large in there so early. Fitting 40 people into 1 restaurant in NYC is nothing short of a miracle. Delicious food and great to catch up with everyone!

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.24.45 PM

Jon headed off to work and I wandered a bit more around in Manhattan. There’s something so nice about walking the streets with snow flurries in the air and no real place to be. Of course, it was quite chilly!

I do always love coming back to Brooklyn though. Love these rows and rows of brownstones to walk home to. The snow just makes it even better!

photo 3 copy photo 4 photo 5

Work has gotten super busy lately – in a good way! Lots of new projects and pitches to work on which keeps it interesting. Feels like almost every night is planned out already too. Can’t believe how quickly January passed…


2 thoughts on “Snowy Weekend

  1. I’m enjoying your blog very much. Especially all the photos of the city. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been there, but I remember how much fun it was walking around the city. I tagged along with Liesl on a trip for a training course and did lots of walking while she had to sit in class.

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