Down By The Docks

Another weekend has come and gone and the list of places to go and see in NYC never seems to get any shorter.

I’m a huge fan of starting off Saturdays with a home-cooked breakfast. Last weekend was pancakes, oranges and “choose your own meat like thing” (veggie sausage for me, bacon for him).

Brunch places have nothing on us.

photo 2

Finished up a few crossword puzzle answers before heading out the door to catch a bus to Red Hook. It’s a neighborhood not easily serviced by the subway so the easiest way is to hop on a bus and enjoy traveling above ground for once.

In Red Hook there are some fantastic views of the water, city and the statue of liberty! It was the first “warm” day in quite some time. I think it hit 40 degrees! That felt pretty much like summer so we were happy to be walking around and outside.

photo 1 photo 2 copy

It’s a very industrial neighborhood as IKEA is there, boat docks, warehouses, etc. Makes for lots of interesting architecture. They are turning one of the piers into a park of some sort with displays and information posted around so that’ll be interesting to check out in a few months.

photo 3 photo 5

On the rear side of the Fairway (a giant grocery store) there are all of these old train cars to peek into. Pretty neat!

photo 4 photo 5

After a brief shopping trip to Fairway (one in which we had to promise ourselves not to buy the whole store), we headed to a nearby bakery for some whoopie pies! Jon’s from PA so it only makes sense to go try them out. Super tasty looking baked goods and a cute shop tucked in the neighborhood – would definitely be worth a trip back!

photo 3

Once we were sufficiently hopped up on sugar, we headed back home to start preparing dinner. Jon was going to be working the Super Bowl so we went with a football party inspired dinner menu to make up for him missing it.

photo 4

Three types of cheese, guac & chips, kale/arugula salad for appetizers. Then while watching a movie we got some veggie lentil chili on the stove to simmer away. It turned out super well – ate leftovers for lunch for the beginning of the week, I’d definitely make it again!

photo 5


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