3 Trains and a Bus

Kicked off the weekend with a trip up to Queens to see two of our friends perform at the Waltz Astoria. We’ve been up there 3 or 4 times now for their shows – always a great time! It’s a super small venue packed with people we know and  a fantastically friendly owner. If you’re interested in checking out the music online, the band is Jeffrey Allen.

IMG_0449 IMG_0429

Saturday morning Jon was meeting up with a friend from RIT so I headed to Naidre’s cafe to get a breakfast burrito, hang out for a bit and read the paper. Finished up there and grabbed a sunflower cookie from a new bakery that opened up, Buttermilk Bakery. Holy cow it was amazing.


The cookie was a good choice because the “quick trip to Manhattan” soon turned into an hour long ordeal.

I got on the right train and set to work finishing my crossword puzzle. I knew my destination was quite a few stops a way so it’s generally okay to zone out for a bit and not listen to the stops. All of a sudden we were stopped in a station that was clearly not on the usual path and everyone on the train was talking and confused. Turns out they had rerouted us but didn’t bother to mention anything. So I was stuck in this random station going absolutely no where close to where I needed to be. They handed everyone vouchers to get on a shuttle bus down the block. So we all trudged upstairs and down the street to wait to be herded onto the shuttle bus like cattle. The woman next to me was clearly less than pleased and she wanted everyone to know it. Packed on the bus, we made our way to yet another subway station a little ways away. Got there and found out that a weird train was running on the line but I voted to get on it anyway. Eventually made it to Manhattan and transferred to yet another train before getting to Union Square. Three trains and a bus later.

So now how badly do you want to move to NYC? 🙂

I was ultimately headed to Union Square to meet up with Jon when he was done with lunch. I had some time to kill so I wandered into a few stores and ended up at Strand, the most fantastic 4 floor book store that is PACKED with books. So much fun just to aimlessly browse around.

IMG_0441 IMG_0444

Saturday night was cooking! We made sweet potato hummus and some other appetizer-y things for dinner. Had plans to eat while watching the Olympic’s replays but the internet unexpectedly went out for a few hours so that killed that plan quickly. Watched a movie and chatted instead while enjoying some brownies (which Jon is currently obsessed with).

Sunday morning we had an early breakfast date at a bagel shop nearby. We only really have Friday night through Sunday early afternoon for dates during the week so we really have to pack in a week’s worth of chatting and dates. Church was followed by lunch with two friends at a local diner before Jon had to head off to work.

Sunday night was, as you may have guessed, laundry! The usual laundry guy was there which always makes the trips back and forth and 4 flights of stairs worth it.


Dinner was a quick snacky dinner as I was full from back to back breakfasts in the morning 🙂 Sweet potato hummus, regular hummus, brie, oranges, watermelon radish (my new favorite) and crackers! Dinner is always fancier from a cutting board.


Capped off the night with a 2 hour  call with these crazies 🙂 Remy and Kristin are roommates in Chicago and it’s always great to catch up with them. Facetime makes it feel like they’re right in the room!

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.32.06 PM

And an update: If you recall in last week’s post, I talked about visiting these super cool old trolley’s down in Red Hook. Just read on the news yesterday that they’re no longer there! Someone apparently came one day this week and loaded them up on huge trucks and drove them off to some undisclosed location. Sad 😦

photo 4


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