Happy Valentine’s Day!

This year I participated in something called the Handmade Valentine’s Exchange. You get pared up with 9 other people and make 9 cards for them which means you get 9 cards in return! Casey and I got together for 4+ hours a week or so back and worked hard on all of the cards. Lots of fun and a good excuse to cut out hundreds of hearts! I’m still waiting for some of those cards to come in so it’ll be a nice surprise over the next week or so.


Our office is in the middle of some big changes this weekend which means that most of us are working from home today! Spending the day curled up under a blanket working on various projects. It’s so nice to have a change of scenery every once in a while. Working home on Friday also means that I see Jon! He came by this morning and worked along side me – he’s working on some online development courses.


Since we knew that we were all going to be out of the office today, the baking committee at work planned a pre-Valentine’s day breakfast for everyone in the office. In the front pictured are bagel croissiants called red velvet cragels.


The commute in yesterday was interesting. Super snowy! It snowed 10+ inches yesterday and when I left for work it looked like this:


Getting off the train near work, I was crossing the street and watched a woman fall on top of her kid who she was carrying over a snow bank. Another guy and I picked them up and they seemed to be okay but it was very, very icy and snowy at that point. Very hard to see even a few feet ahead.

Another morning where Manhattan disappears.


Yesterday also happened to be a very special person’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! As a birthday present, they got 20+ inches of snow. Pretty crazy! Wish I could have been there to celebrate & help shovel. Hope you get your birthday bagel this weekend 🙂



One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. This is wonderful and I thank you so much. Sarah got home – this huge storm is manageable. Able to get out today after FOUR days of hibernation. Love you – thank you – Loved my Val. card- outstanding. It will be saved. Hi to Jon. Stay warm BUT i know that has not been a problem in the past. Keep ice creepers at the ready. We’re to get snow again tonight. will take a few more days for what we have to disappear. I think I need to check into ice creepers. Love you – hi to Jon – have a good weekend. Nana

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