Once & Other Weekend Activities

This past weekend was absolutely jam packed.

Friday morning started super early with Creative Mornings. It’s the monthly design talk that I go to that’s usually held in Brooklyn right across from work. This month it was held in the NY Public Library in Bryant Park. Great way to kick off the day even though it means the alarm is set for hours earlier than usual!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.14.15 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.14.36 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.14.42 PM

After work I had plans to go to Draft & Draw with a coworker and his girlfriend. The event is put on by a guy I know from church and this is the 2nd time they’ve held it. It’s exactly what it sounds like – drinking and drawing! You show up, eat pizza, drink beer, hear from a speaker and then get to spend the rest of the time doodling on the tables.


My doodling kind of got out of hand.


The table at the end of the night:


Saturday morning, Jon and I had bagels for breakfast followed by a walk through Prospect Park. It had rained a bit and warmed up a ton so the snow was all super melty. It was nice except for the large streams that had grown on all of the pathways. Made it hard to walk in places that we’re dirty and muddy.




At one point I stopped and looked around at just how ridiculous the scene was. Here we were just a few miles away from Times Square and unless you previously knew that, you’d have no idea! Completely surrounded by trees, snow and nature.


It was actually warm enough this weekend to sit down on a bench and not freeze to death which was welcomed after all of this snow and cold that we’ve been having!


On the way back from the park we stopped in a new coffee shop called Cafe Martin, recommended by Jon’s roommate. The owner of the place is pretty friendly and quirky, definitely feels like a neighborhood coffeeshop. Walked down to the Whole Foods afterwards to pick up a few things – and to, ya know, rack up more miles walking.


We headed back to get all cleaned up and dressed up for the night ahead! Original plans were to make dinner but quickly decided that going out sounded way faster and easier. Settled on Flipsters when Jon expressed an interest in “I just want a burger and fries.” It had actually been on my list for a while to try so I was happy to go – did feel a bit silly being all dressed up and eating burgers though. The veggie burger was amazing. None of that frozen nonsense. It actually ranked up there on one of the best ones that I’ve had!

Made our way into midtown with a brief stop and walk around 30 Rock Plaza and the ice skating rink before (shoving) our way into Times Square. Always a happy reminder why I don’t want to live there! So. Many. People. With fanny packs, taking pictures, looking up, etc. I can’t believe how few times I actually find myself in Manhattan. Probably best for anxiety sake.


The reason we were there was to see Once!!!


Grandpa and Frances had so generously given us tickets for Christmas to see it – thank you! At the time February felt incredibly far away but I can’t believe how fast January and February went. Yikes. We, appropriately, spent the week leading up to the show listening to the soundtrack and were both super pumped to finally get to see it.

Outside the theater there were people talking about Stars Hollow and Gilmore Girls so I knew it was my kind of crowd.

Walking into the theater, we noticed a bunch of people forming a line to get on stage. Turns out they have a bar before the show ON stage! The actors/actresses get on stage before it even starts to play music in a really informal manner. The whole show takes place in an Irish pub so it’s quite fitting and sets the scene. Unfortunately we were the last people in line to NOT be let on stage 😦 Bummer.

Unlike most shows, there is no dramatic curtain opening or anything – they just go right from having people on stage to the start of the show.

During intermission I noticed that there were people going back on stage so we headed down to try it again. We were number 4 and 5 back in line when they said only 4 more people allowed then it’s closed. But luckily the guy was very nice and let both of us up so we got to go on stage!

It’s hard to sum up in words but the show was fantastic! Nothing over the top overly romantic and broadway about it. It just felt very real and unique. All of the scene changes were very inventive. The background really never moved, they would just use boxes of light as “rooms” and had people playing music to distract from scene changes with people going on/off stage.

Overall, fantastic and highly recommended! We both loved it.


After the show we headed down the street to Junior’s for some cheesecake! I got the most ginormous piece of carrot cake cheesecake. It was amazing and the leftovers were even more delicious. The thing was seriously the size of my head. When the waiter put them down he gave us the wrong cheesecakes but Jon was in the bathroom so I quick swapped them. I looked to the left and noticed a table giggling at me – I think they thought I was stealing his cheesecake while he was away 🙂

Sunday was a bit different in that church was moved to night time so suddenly we had a full free morning before Jon left for work. Spent time reading the paper, attempting and failing at the crossword and cooking! We made omelettes with mozzarella and arugula, roasted some fingerling & sweet potatoes, and made cinnamon rolls (out of a can – we cheated. sorry). It was kind of a breakfast morphed into lunch thing.





In the afternoon I took care of some laundry – no laundry guy though, I missed him. I originally got an invite to Eric’s movie premiere showing in Jersey City so I was all ready to go to that around 5 except in a last minute check to the invite I realized it’s NEXT month not February. Whoops. Good thing I checked! So instead I headed to the 5pm service at church. It was held in this really old, neat Baptist church with comfy pews and everything (not recommended for evening services). Afterwards I went to dinner with two friends at a local Vietnamese place.

So… definitely a very, very packed and fun weekend!


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