Cooking Without a Recipe

This post, much to my Uncle Dan’s dismay, lacks a recipe. The title alone is probably enough to cause anxiety.

I’ve never really been one to follow recipes. I have lots of cookbooks, pin numerous recipes on Pinterest and always make grocery lists with the intent of cooking a full recipe. Somehow I get started and substitutions start happening and before I know it, nothing is similar to where I started.

I lived for a summer in college for a month without measuring cups. Normal people just wouldn’t bake for that month. I decided to make cookies and instead googled “how to judge tablespoons in your palm.” It worked.

Whenever we cook on the weekends, Jon mistakenly asks to see the recipe so that he can help out. Recipe? What recipe?

On this very night, I set out to make cornbread. We have a group through church that meets every Wednesday night and one of the girls was bringing chili so it fit perfectly! I picked up the milk and eggs on the way home from work and for once actually was determined to follow a complete recipe. Until I realized that I was running out of cornmeal. Slightly crucial for the whole “corn bread” thing to happen. I googled a bit only to find answers like “can’t make corn bread without corn meal” or “doesn’t work.” Undeterred, I was determined to make this cornbread.


I noticed a container of grits and decided that seemed close enough to corn for me. So 1/2 cup of grits and the remaining 1/2 cup of corn meal later, I had corn bread!

The picture isn’t that great but it tasted just fine! So lesson learned.. if you have no corn meal just use grits instead! It adds some crunch but tasted just fine.

The problem with me submitting things in a recipe and it coming out fine is that it just furthers my desire to follow actual rules. I’ve always heard that you’re supposed to use exact measurements in baking but eye-balling seems to be good enough for me. Whoops. Maybe someday I’ll stop breaking the rules.

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