March Moments

Somehow one thing led to another and here we are just over a month since I last blogged. “Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow night” turns into 30 some days later. Whoops.

It’s been a big start to the year and I cannot even begin to fathom how I’ve found myself here on the night before April 1st. Here are some highlights:

I attended a talk at a company in lower Manhattan last month. The talk was by a famous illustrator who told stories of where he had come from and how he ended up where he is now. I was pretty amazed by the building that the talk was in. Somehow, it’s easy to forget the history that we’re surrounded by every day while we walk around.


One unexpectedly warm Saturday, Jon and I headed to the High Line in Manhattan to walk around. Found ourselves in Chelsea Market for a quick lunch (crepes, of course) and I found these lights still strung up from the holidays. Christmas lights never cease to make me smile.


On that same warm day, we walked uptown towards 34th street and found ourselves across the street from MSG where there is this terrifically large and old post office.


Along the High Line, we happened upon this construction site. Apparently I have some 5-year old boy interests because I made Jon stand and watch them for a good 15 minutes. I made him wait until the cement truck started pouring cement and I figured out how it was delivered 2 stories down.


One of the most fantastic habits that we’ve created is always having a delicious Saturday morning brunch. This particular week was homemade biscuits topped with mozzarella, arugula and eggs.


Shot in Red Hook, a neighborhood close to mine in Brooklyn.


Creative Mornings, a monthly series featuring a speaker, was held in Red Hook. Which is how I found myself wandering through this artist’s fantastic studio and art space early one Friday morning. Seriously amazing work.

IMG_1047 IMG_1044

And a pretty sweet, four floor space.

IMG_1019 IMG_1013

A few months back I signed up for Google Experts. It means you write 50 reviews of restaurants or businesses online and then you’re invited by Google to a party in whatever city you’re a “City Expert” in. This month’s party was held in midtown and was mexican themed.


There was dancing.


I also had a 5 day run in with hives. So a trip to an allergist was in order. They poked me with hundreds of little things I could potentially be allergic too. Which gave me more hives. But came back as being “severely allergic” to grass as well as minor ones for trees, coconut, cats and dust. So that taught me nothing. But I felt like a pin cushion for a morning.


And the allergist trip allowed me to head to a new area in the morning for some coffee.


Made peanut butter powder, whole wheat pancakes topped with raw honey for Fat Tuesday (now you can see how old these pictures are). I don’t believe whole wheat pancakes is exactly what they had in mind for Fat Tuesday celebrations. But when in Brooklyn…


Jon and I went to a vegan restaurant one afternoon for one of our Groupon dates (thanks Eric & David!). The Groupon special was for 2 empanadas and 2 beers each. It was a delicious and a fun Sunday afternoon date.


During one of the really cold weekends we made cast iron macaroni & cheese with old bay and kale chips. Yum.


Some lunches are just leftover baguettes with melted cheese and tomatoes.


And, of course, Saturday breakfasts. The most important meal of the week. This time was homemade biscuits (we were on a roll for a while) with mushroom gravy and bacon (for Jon).



Of course, there were lots of little moments in between. Lots of eating, cooking, design talks, hours at work, NY Crosswords left unfinished and miles walked. Looking forward to some of the warmer months for more outdoor time!




Once & Other Weekend Activities

This past weekend was absolutely jam packed.

Friday morning started super early with Creative Mornings. It’s the monthly design talk that I go to that’s usually held in Brooklyn right across from work. This month it was held in the NY Public Library in Bryant Park. Great way to kick off the day even though it means the alarm is set for hours earlier than usual!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.14.15 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.14.36 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.14.42 PM

After work I had plans to go to Draft & Draw with a coworker and his girlfriend. The event is put on by a guy I know from church and this is the 2nd time they’ve held it. It’s exactly what it sounds like – drinking and drawing! You show up, eat pizza, drink beer, hear from a speaker and then get to spend the rest of the time doodling on the tables.


My doodling kind of got out of hand.


The table at the end of the night:


Saturday morning, Jon and I had bagels for breakfast followed by a walk through Prospect Park. It had rained a bit and warmed up a ton so the snow was all super melty. It was nice except for the large streams that had grown on all of the pathways. Made it hard to walk in places that we’re dirty and muddy.




At one point I stopped and looked around at just how ridiculous the scene was. Here we were just a few miles away from Times Square and unless you previously knew that, you’d have no idea! Completely surrounded by trees, snow and nature.


It was actually warm enough this weekend to sit down on a bench and not freeze to death which was welcomed after all of this snow and cold that we’ve been having!


On the way back from the park we stopped in a new coffee shop called Cafe Martin, recommended by Jon’s roommate. The owner of the place is pretty friendly and quirky, definitely feels like a neighborhood coffeeshop. Walked down to the Whole Foods afterwards to pick up a few things – and to, ya know, rack up more miles walking.


We headed back to get all cleaned up and dressed up for the night ahead! Original plans were to make dinner but quickly decided that going out sounded way faster and easier. Settled on Flipsters when Jon expressed an interest in “I just want a burger and fries.” It had actually been on my list for a while to try so I was happy to go – did feel a bit silly being all dressed up and eating burgers though. The veggie burger was amazing. None of that frozen nonsense. It actually ranked up there on one of the best ones that I’ve had!

Made our way into midtown with a brief stop and walk around 30 Rock Plaza and the ice skating rink before (shoving) our way into Times Square. Always a happy reminder why I don’t want to live there! So. Many. People. With fanny packs, taking pictures, looking up, etc. I can’t believe how few times I actually find myself in Manhattan. Probably best for anxiety sake.


The reason we were there was to see Once!!!


Grandpa and Frances had so generously given us tickets for Christmas to see it – thank you! At the time February felt incredibly far away but I can’t believe how fast January and February went. Yikes. We, appropriately, spent the week leading up to the show listening to the soundtrack and were both super pumped to finally get to see it.

Outside the theater there were people talking about Stars Hollow and Gilmore Girls so I knew it was my kind of crowd.

Walking into the theater, we noticed a bunch of people forming a line to get on stage. Turns out they have a bar before the show ON stage! The actors/actresses get on stage before it even starts to play music in a really informal manner. The whole show takes place in an Irish pub so it’s quite fitting and sets the scene. Unfortunately we were the last people in line to NOT be let on stage 😦 Bummer.

Unlike most shows, there is no dramatic curtain opening or anything – they just go right from having people on stage to the start of the show.

During intermission I noticed that there were people going back on stage so we headed down to try it again. We were number 4 and 5 back in line when they said only 4 more people allowed then it’s closed. But luckily the guy was very nice and let both of us up so we got to go on stage!

It’s hard to sum up in words but the show was fantastic! Nothing over the top overly romantic and broadway about it. It just felt very real and unique. All of the scene changes were very inventive. The background really never moved, they would just use boxes of light as “rooms” and had people playing music to distract from scene changes with people going on/off stage.

Overall, fantastic and highly recommended! We both loved it.


After the show we headed down the street to Junior’s for some cheesecake! I got the most ginormous piece of carrot cake cheesecake. It was amazing and the leftovers were even more delicious. The thing was seriously the size of my head. When the waiter put them down he gave us the wrong cheesecakes but Jon was in the bathroom so I quick swapped them. I looked to the left and noticed a table giggling at me – I think they thought I was stealing his cheesecake while he was away 🙂

Sunday was a bit different in that church was moved to night time so suddenly we had a full free morning before Jon left for work. Spent time reading the paper, attempting and failing at the crossword and cooking! We made omelettes with mozzarella and arugula, roasted some fingerling & sweet potatoes, and made cinnamon rolls (out of a can – we cheated. sorry). It was kind of a breakfast morphed into lunch thing.





In the afternoon I took care of some laundry – no laundry guy though, I missed him. I originally got an invite to Eric’s movie premiere showing in Jersey City so I was all ready to go to that around 5 except in a last minute check to the invite I realized it’s NEXT month not February. Whoops. Good thing I checked! So instead I headed to the 5pm service at church. It was held in this really old, neat Baptist church with comfy pews and everything (not recommended for evening services). Afterwards I went to dinner with two friends at a local Vietnamese place.

So… definitely a very, very packed and fun weekend!

If You Build It

Hard to believe that it was just 14 days ago that I was coming back to NYC after christmas break. The days, while they each feel long, seem to be flying by. After a few snowy, cold days I was super ready to get out and explore again. Definitely miss some of the longer walks we used to take on weekends when it wasn’t so stinkin’ cold outside.

I ran across an article last week talking about this interesting documentary called If You Build It. I looked into it a little more and turns out it was premiering in NYC that weekend (last Friday)! Friday after work I met up with Jon and we headed to the West Village in search of dinner before the show. Found a cute little Greek restaurant and grabbed a seat by the window – rainy nights make being inside feel even more cozy.

The movie turned out to be fantastic! In short, it’s a documentary on two designers/architects who went to Bertie County, NC and started a design class which ended up having a huge impact on the community and students there. You can learn more about it here. They’re showing it around the country throughout the next year so I highly recommend it if it’s coming somewhere near you!


Afterwards there was a Q&A session with the director. I have to admit, I wasn’t initially that excited about a Q&A session but it turned out to be great! Not only was it the director of the movie but the 2 teachers of the class and one of the students in their original design class came and spoke as well. It was a fun and different way to spend a Friday night!


Saturday involved sleeping in and coffee and NYTimes reading at a (new) local coffee shop. We had an oh so romantic date to busy Trader Joe’s for groceries tucked in there too. Came home and I made Pear & Arugula soup for dinner while Jon did laundry. It actually turned out really well! I ended up leaving out one of the ingredients (a potato – Farmigo gave me moldy ones last week) but didn’t seem to miss it. Made some toasty croutons on top too.


After dinner I headed out to Hoboken (NJ) with Casey to meet up with Ariana one of our other roommates from RIT. She’s moving down to Texas to work at a sweet new place, Mary Kay! So she had one last going away party there. Jon met up not long after. Had a good time catching up before she headed off!


It did make for a super short night of sleep though. Sunday morning I woke up super early (6:30) to help set up at church. It ended up being really fun and I didn’t even push snooze that much (huge accomplishment when you see how weekdays have been…). We finished setting up so early that all 7 of us headed to a local diner for some food! Pancakes, eggs, coffee and chatting made for the best morning. It’s been fun getting to know those girls over the past year (!). Yikes, I can’t believe it’s really been that long. By the time church rolled around at 10:30, it felt like mid-day!

Had leftover pear & arugula soup with Jon before he headed off to work and then I set to work doing laundry and fully cleaning the apartment. Felt so good to get everything back in order before the next week started.

Of course, I started this blog post the day after and am posting it 5 days later… so clearly this week got a bit crazy! Whoops.

King’s County Distillery

On the Saturday before Christmas, I surprised Jon with a tour of the King’s County Distillery in Brooklyn. Somehow, I managed to keep it a complete secret for a week until we showed up at the guard tower in the Navy Yard (where it’s located) and had to tell the guard where we were headed.

(pictured below is what we made for brunch: sweet potato, goat cheese and kale fritatta with rye bread)


It was the one surprise warm day of the winter so the tour started outside where the Master Blender gave us a rundown of the history of Whiskey and Bourbon. It was interesting to hear how much history was behind it. We were shocked to learn that they only got their official license to make and sell whiskey in 2010!


The tour continued into the main room where they make it. Lots of big distillers where they put the fermented wheat/grains into big barrels (we actually got to stick our fingers in and taste it. Way more chemistry goes into the process than I ever imagined. It definitely made you appreciate all of the hard work that went into it and explained the price of some alcohol!

IMG_9737 IMG_9741

We made our way into a sunny room on the top floor where they stored all of their barrels of bourbon while it was aging. The picture below doesn’t even do justice to what the room looked like. It was gorgeous with the sun pouring in over the rows and rows of barrels.


The tour ended with a mini tasting of the moonshine, bourbon and two flavored variations (spiced and chocolate). Overall, it was more than an hour of learning about the process and I think we both walked away with a greater appreciation of how they make it. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who has a slight interest in learning more about what they’re drinking and how they make it.

Colors of the Wind

Fall has been all around spectacular, weather-wise.  Feels like we’ve had shockingly warm days up until recently (that’s probably not a good thing..) and gorgeous colorful trees. How awesome is it that this is a short 10 minute walk away?! I used to live even closer but I seem to make it to the park even more now.20131105-205033.jpg

Two weekends ago I hopped on a train to Hawthorne to meet up with Barb & Joe so we could all drive up to Ithaca together! The car ride up included a delicious dinner of roasted tomato soup and spicy peanut butter dip made by Aunt Barb – unfortunately not photographed but it was super tasty! We made it to Ithaca around 10pm or so and Mom and Dad were already there with Sarah. Family reunion weekend!

We spent lots of it walking around (or driving around campus rather – it was cold!), seeing lots of pretty fall leaves, catching up and eating tasty food! After a Saturday morning breakfast sampler at Sarah’s apartment, we wandered around campus checking out all of the cool Harry Potter-like buildings. Saturday afternoon we drove up one of the sides of the finger lakes for some wine tasting!




And I just realized why I have hardly any photos from the weekend… they’re all on Sarah’s phone. Whoops. Well just imagine the tasty food we ate and fall-colored places we walked through.

The highlight meal of the weekend was at Hazelnut Kitchen in Trumansburg, NY. Mom, Dad and Sarah have gone there many times before – to the point of the owner’s knowing who they were.  We ate so much delicious, local food. Celery Root/Root Veggie soup, beet salad, delicious ravioli with brown butter and celery root on top of chinese broccoli, cheese plates, and a bunch of other things that looked great but had meat in them 🙂

The weekend also included a stop at the Ithaca farmers market and two trips to Ithaca Bakery! All around a great and delicious weekend.



In other fall leafy events, Jon and I finally got to spend a full weekend together (well almost, he works Sundays)! A homemade pancake breakfast was followed by a walk through Prospect Park to see all of the leaves and attempt the NYTimes crossword. In a huge triumph of the weekend, we completed 8 answers on the crossword – only having Googled 2 of those. Progress…





We made our way down to DUMBO to catch a ferry over to Greenpoint. It unfortunately started raining right before we got there but the good news was we were some of the only people out with an umbrella so a nice guy from Canada came over to ask us questions about the ferry & directions. While we’d like to think we’re just nice to talk to, I think the umbrella was a draw 🙂 Actually he was super cool to talk to! He had driven down the night before from Montreal all to see the Marathon the next day as he was planning on training for one in 2 years! He asked us all sorts of questions about NYC and asked if we had ever been to 30 Rock.. as a matter of fact, Jon goes there every day!

Finally made it to Greenpoint and walked to a cafe that I’ve been waiting to go to forever called Milk & Roses! They have a very cute shop and an even more awesome backyard patio. We both had tea and shared a garlic white bean dip for a snack.



Walked around Greenpoint/Williamsburg a bit more before going to the Brooklyn night Bazaar. It’s an event held every year on Saturday and Sunday nights throughout the winter. It’s held in a giant warehouse and filled with food vendors, live music and artist displays. I don’t think it was quite like either one of us was expecting but was fun to check out anyway! Shared a giant spinach and feta filled risotto ball – pretty much as delicious as it sounds. When we were both sufficiently tired out we headed back home for apple cider and a movie – Amour (one of the academy award winners this year).

Sunday morning was the marathon! One of my coworkers was running in it so I headed down to 4th Avenue to see her pass by. It was fun to finally see it all happen after hearing about the training for so long – I wasn’t particularly sad that I was watching instead of actually racing though! This picture doesn’t do it justice but there were SO MANY people running it! Some packs of people going by were absolutely insane. We were standing at mile 6 though so people still had a fair amount of energy. I can only imagine what mile 23 looked like..


Belated Birthday

It’s well… no longer August. But in an attempt to catch the blog up to the present here are some pictures!

Unknowingly, one of the last things I made in my apartment. Picked up some freshly made pizza dough from a pizza place down the street, got fresh mozzarella from an italian store nearby and roasted some peppers and tomatoes on top. It was delicious!



My 15 year old self would be shocked to know that I got up at 5:00am on my birthday. WIthout an alarm. I guess that makes me a big kid?

Either way, I started off the day with a gorgeous run around Prospect Park. I really need to get back to running early in the morning but that’s going to get significantly less fun now that it’s no longer summer. It’s so fantastic to have a park like this close by – it really doesn’t feel like you’re anywhere near Manhattan.



Jon made the long trek down from Queens at 7 am (!) just to have breakfast with me. Of course, my breakfast of choice was coffee and a croissant at a french bakery near me.



Had lunch with a bunch of coworkers at a good vegetarian place in Brooklyn Heights. Got the sweetest card from everyone at work 🙂



After work I met up with Jon for dinner at Tacombi at Fondilita (spelled something like that) in SoHo. Delicious mexican food – the restaurant is pretty funky because everything is served out of a truck that’s parked IN the restaurant. We were going to go for ice cream afterwards but were both so stuffed with chips/guac and tacos that we opted out.




Walked through the streets of SoHo on the way back to the subway. It was a pretty fantastic birthday 🙂 Even if it took me over a month to recap it!


Birthday Weekend

Jon’s birthday was at the end of June so we spent a full weekend celebrating. He also had a photography assignment that weekend so I got to play photo assistant (and actually not really do that much other than provide company, some directions and food).

Picked up a zip car super early (my first time being in one!) and headed across the bridge into Staten Island and New Jersey. Our destination was Ocean Township and we wanted to beat the crazy summer beach traffic. I think leaving before 7am did the trick.


After he shot some stuff we headed a few minutes away to the ocean! We were on the beach and had our toes in the sand by 9am – pretty crazy! It felt like we had the beach to ourselves for a while before every one else came rushing in. Took a nice long walk along the beach before heading back to shoot a bit more and then leaving town!

IMG_7862 IMG_7865 IMG_7872 IMG_7875

If there is one thing that I learned growing up, it was the importance of car snacks. Fresh strawberries and blueberries to munch on.

IMG_7894 IMG_7895 IMG_7896

Made it back to Brooklyn by 11:30. It was insanely hot by that point and the traffic going the other way was crazy so we were super thankful for the early start.

Hung around in Brooklyn for the day trying to stay cool. In the afternoon we headed to Prospect Park to walk around for a bit. When we got there it only took a few minutes to realize that something was going on. There were streams of people walking into the center of the park and lots of noise coming from that area. We decided to investigate and discovered Trop Fest, NY’s Short Film Festival! I thought we were originally going to just walk around and be done but we ended up sitting down and hanging out for the entire first half of it.


It definitely helped that they had 10-15 food trucks set up just behind the venue. Made for a delicious grilled cheese dinner on the go while we watched the films. It still blows my mind that I can walk out the door and be to a place like this in just a few minutes.



Sunday was another super hot day so an afternoon trip to the German Beer Garden in Chelsea was much needed! It was also high on Jon’s list for birthday trips.We had originally planned to meet there and have brunch at a restaurant under the high line. We actually put our names on the list for breakfast but ended up just sticking with beer.

IMG_7906 IMG_7908

Enjoyed some giant beers, a huge pretzel and some meat/slaw related items. Getting in touch with those German roots. Although, I don’t know when I’m going to be able to eat a pickle again. And I’m pretty sure Germany is the worst place for a vegetarian. 


Headed back down to Brooklyn but this time allllll the way down the line to Brighton Beach (next to Coney Island) for more of Jon’s photoshoot. I… supervised.


It’s pretty crazy what sweet views were down there. It feels so, so far away from Manhattan. Very abrupt change from being in Manhattan near the High Line only an hour earlier. Hung around along the water for a bit before heading back.


Dinner was Pork Slope BBQ. I can’t speak for the BBQ but the Mac & Cheese was delicious. I’d definitely go back there and I think Jon enjoyed going to another place that was more meat heavy than our usual restaurant picks 🙂 I told him I’d go back even NOT on his birthday.


Pretty packed weekend with lots of new adventures and that wasn’t even his actual birthday! On Monday I headed up to Midtown to meet him after work. We headed to LIC (Long Island City) to have dinner at his pick, Sage’s General Store. It’s a place we’ve looked at going before for brunch but it’s always super packed. Dinner at 8:30 pm seemed to be quite easy to get in. Started with some watermelon basil lemonade – so good! Jon learned how to make it homemade. He had a homemade mac and cheese that was basically 4 cheese pasta with caprese mixed in. Super tasty. I had a vegetable brick oven pizza. Both of which I apparently failed to photograph. Delicious and there were definitely leftovers!


Headed back to Astoria to hang out for a bit and as we got close to his apartment we heard all sorts of fireworks going off! Ran up to the roof and got a nice 15 minute or so firework display that was actually pretty close. I told him I planned that part just for his birthday 🙂


The Artichoke

Thursday after work 15 Carrots all headed to the Financial District for a 5k run for the American Heart Association. Unfortunately it was the hottest day in NYC so far this year – 92 degrees is NOT, in fact, fun running weather. When we arrived there the race was absolutely packed so it took a bit to get up to the front and get started (ie. sweating before you even started). Absolutely gorgeous race course right through the lower part of Manhattan – right under the World Trade Center, down to the tip of the island and then ended along the Hudson looking towards Jersey City (hi Eric & David!). It was a fun run despite the fact that I had to walk some of it – better luck next time. But I finished! We all went out for celebratory beers at a bar afterwards. Sounds like this is going to be a yearly Carrot event so I have another year to train for the next!

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 2.44.09 PM

photo 1

Friday came super early this week (or so it felt) due to having Monday off. Headed to Midtown after work to meet up with Jon. I was feel generally discombobulated and annoyed with the number of people around so I plopped down on a bench outside to wait. Soon after a lady walked up to me and pointed to her camera and then herself – indicating she wanted her photo taken. I figured she was a tourist so I quickly took a few shots of her. Instead of leaving she sat down on the bench next to me and began (in broken english) telling me that she was visiting NYC (clearly). I discovered it was her first time in the US and she was from China along with a tour group that was apparently doing a huge cross country tour of all of our major cities (LA, DC, NYC, Hawaii, etc.). She stayed around for about 10 minutes telling me about other countries she’d been to and telling me how much NYC was like Shanghai and that I should visit. The conversation involved a lot of me asking a question and her responding to something totally different but it worked out! Soon she spotted someone she knew across the street and darted off. Thanks for the small bit of community NYC 🙂

photo 2

Eventually met up with Jon and we headed down to 23rd street (Flatiron District) for cheap tacos and dinner in Madison Square Park (mom & dad, that’s the one with the cool rope art installation). Hung around that area for a while before heading to get a drink at this dive bar down the street – full NYC date night experience. Ended the night back in Madison Square Park looking at Shake Shack and the Empire State building in the background! Jon headed to Hershey this weekend to see his family so I’m on my own for the weekend!

photo 3

After saying goodbye to Jon I swung by Trader Joe’s because it was just down the street. Picked up some frozen fruit for smoothies & a impulse purchase – an artichoke! Turned out to be the best impulse ever because while I was waiting in line the lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder to ask how you cook artichokes. I confessed that I usually buy them in a jar so I really had no idea and that I was using it as an experiment. Soon enough the lady next to us in the other line chimed in with directions of how to prepare it and what to eat it with (along with detailed nutrition facts). The lady behind her also joined the conversation and before I knew it there were 6 of us standing around talking about the artichoke in my hand. Best purchase ever. One of the people noticed I had a RISD bag and said that since I was clearly a designer if cooking it didn’t work out I could always turn it into a nice center piece! By the time I got up to the register I was laughing and the cashier said “sounds like someone had a good Friday!”

It’s those little moments that make NYC great.

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 2.43.59 PM

Started Saturday morning off early with a yoga class in DUMBO with Casey. Walked up to Brooklyn Heights afterwards for breakfast at a place called Siggy’s – super delicious tofu scramble! Walked Casey to the train before parting ways and I continued walking to fit in a bit more exploring. There was a middle eastern grocery store I’ve been interested in trying out for a while so I walked to Atlantic Ave. It was seriously so cool! Filled with bulk food items, so much cheese, coffee and the best part was.. everything was so cheap! Even by not NYC standards. I got a bag of pita for 85 cents! Picked up some dried strawberries and two varieties of hummus (Kalamata Olive & Feta Cheese Hummus + Zaatar Hummus).

Stopped in a kitchen supply store just because it looked cool – ended up getting in a conversation with the store owner for a bit. Apparently the theme of the weekend is talking to strangers.

Walked further down Court Street to Cafe Pedlar a new coffee shop I’ve also been wanting to try out. Sat down for a bit to catch up on email and drink iced coffee – it’s HOT out today!

photo 4

Eventually ended up back at home all hot and sweaty (and no AC) so a shower and strategic fan positioning was in order. Spending the rest of the afternoon catching up on blogging, listening to music, reading the NYTimes and eating strawberries from Farmigo! Definitely a good Saturday so far!

photo 5

Filling the Days

Saturday morning was a super relaxed start to the day – after a long work week last week I was more than happy to wake up to an overcast rainy morning and clean up my apartment a bit. Eventually made plans to meet up with Jon in the west village but stopped in DUMBO first to pick up an umbrella I had left at work. They were shooting Spiderman there all last week and this weekend so the streets were packed with the crew trucks. Didn’t get a glimpse of Spiderman unfortunately but some of my coworkers did.

photo 3-5

Walked from West 4th Street down through Broadway and Layette (with a pit stop at Warby Parker, a store that sells glasses) and finally down to Chinatown. One of my coworkers has given me a list of 21 of her favorite places in Chinatown to go which is hugely helpful because I couldn’t even begin to decide where to go otherwise. Settled on Vanessa’s Dumplings which turned out to be a great pick when both Jon and I got lunch for $12 total – and I had leftovers!

Seasame pancake with veggies in between – super tasty, I’d get that again. Like an inside out chinese pizza. And whole wheat vegetable dumplings – which made for a terrific leftover lunch on Monday. We sat in a rather concrete filled park under a tree to enjoy lunch 🙂

photo 4-6

Made our way slowly back towards Broadway Lafayette in search of a coffeeshop when we realized it was about to absolutely downpour and thunder. The only place nearby was Nespresso so we hopped inside just before the rain. Jon might have learned my fear of thunderstorms. Oops.

photo 5-6

Sunday morning had an early start to get laundry started. Talked to Mom to wish her a happy mothers day while that was in the washer and walked all over the neighborhood. Laundry is such a good way to get weights & walking in. Made a quick breakfast before dashing off to church – and talked to Grandma on the way. Clearly multitasking is the way to go! Luckily church is only a 15 minute walk away so I was able to make it there on time. Stopped by the farmers market briefly on the way out to pick up a surprise supply of pickles for Jon before heading up to Queens to meet him in time for lunch.

Decided that some cooking was in order for Sunday afternoon relaxation so Jon had picked out a tomato & roasted garlic soup recipe to try along with a salad and some asparagus I brought from Farmigo at work.

photo 2-6

We even made parmesan crisps to go on top! It had kind of melted into the soup by this point though.

photo 3-7

Tried to head back to Brooklyn early on Sunday night because I had a 5:25 wake up call on Monday morning! Busy week so far but I was able to meet up with Jon last night after work for an oh so romantic grocery shopping date 🙂 Tonight after work I stayed a little later and went running 2.5 miles along the Brooklyn Bridge Park with 2 coworkers – there are 19 of us from work running in a race in 2 weeks so we have to prepare! It’s still a little tough but I haven’t gotten out running as much as I hoped. Still amazing views to run along side and friends to run with!

photo 5-7



All Kinds of Busy

I’m back! Kind of.

Life has spiraled into all kinds of busy. Staying later at work, freelancing during any open night hours, traveling places on the weekends, attending sweet after work events. Busy! It’s been good but my room and plants are begging for a bit more attention.

These pictures are so old now (2+ weeks) so I won’t even try to date them. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to:

Working on a project that required an early morning walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Project won’t launch for a while so I can’t share just yet but it’s exciting! And pretty awesome that we can just hop on the bridge in less than a 10 minute walk from the office.

photo 1-3

photo 3-2

Attended a friend’s performance at a little bar/restaurant in Astoria a few weeks back. Fun to have an entire place filled with people that I knew! photo 2-3


Sunday morning brunch date with Jon at Omonia cafe – the makers of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding cake.

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Walk through Central Park on one of the first warm days of spring! Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to wander back through now that more flowers/leaves are out.

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Espresso & cappuccino date with Jon. Weekend tradition. We pretend to be fancy.

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Ride on the East River Ferry from LIC to DUMBO to attend the first Smorgasbord (food festival) of the season! photo 5-1


First lunch outside with a bunch of Carrots. Seriously this view is a 3 minute walk from the office!!photo 2

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 10.37.43 PM


Food from the above mentioned Smorgasbord festival. Tofu taco.

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And delicious teriyaki balls which Jon and I split.

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We had a pretty major leak in the bathroom. Which was discovered at 7 am. And wasn’t fixed for three days. There’s always something!photo 3


View of my walk to work – complete with giant inflatable rats that are protesting something (asbestos). photo 4


Cauliflower soup that I made one night when Jon came over (his request!) along with parmesan crisps. We were inspired by that soup that I had on our anniversary.

photo 1


Views from the East River Ferry.



Took an after work run down to the lake in Prospect Park on one of the first warm days. Such a good way to end the day! photo 5


There have been many more things since then so I’ll attempt to catch up to speed this week and hopefully get back into the blogging groove. This past weekend I was in Hershey, PA with Jon for his best friend’s wedding. So nice to escape the city for a bit, even if it was only 2 days. Took the 5am train back yesterday morning (which meant a 4 am wake up for us all, oops!). I made it to work on time but it made for a very, very sleepy me by the time 4pm rolled around. Luckily this week has been insanely busy so far with new projects and meetings so I have no time to be tired. Thank you caffeine!