Parents Weekend

My parents made the trip up to Brooklyn this weekend now that the weather is finally nice enough to enjoy walking around outside! Like always, it’s the eating and walking tour of Brooklyn.

Started off Friday night with dinner in Williamsburg at Zi Zi Limona for Mediterranean food. Delicious food and wine all around. We had a bunch of plates to split was a perfect way to go. This was actually a repeat visit after going there when Remy was in town last week. We loved it that much!


Saturday morning started early with a trip to Colson’s (it’s not a parents weekend without it!). Croissants and coffee.


After breakfast we walked to the Grand Army Farmer’s market and then to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The official cherry blossom festival was last weekend but the flowers seemed to be out in full bloom this weekend.

IMG_1870 IMG_1871 IMG_1873 IMG_1877 IMG_1878

We, like everyone else, proceeded to take a lot of pictures 🙂

IMG_1884 IMG_1887 IMG_1891 IMG_1894

Usually on Saturday mornings, Jon and I work on the NYTimes crossword puzzle. By work on, I mean we look at it, can usually guess 1 to 2 words and then give up. A fantastic weekend is 5 words. Apparently we just need to invite mom up every weekend because she finished it all. Can we count that as a win?

IMG_1900 IMG_1899

Lunch was at Bierkraft, a restaurant in Park Slope with craft beer and sandwiches. They have the most delicious vegetarian sandwiches there and really different craft beer choices. I ended up with a cherry flavored beer. Sounds weird, tasted great.

Of course, in between all of the eating we covered over 7 miles of walking and wandering.

Saturday afternoon we made it back to DUMBO where they were staying (!) to hang out for a bit. Grabbed pizza from Juliana’s down the street and brought it back to eat on the roof. Holy amazing views. Unfortunately, part way through, it started raining. But the apartment had pretty amazing views so we didn’t mind heading back inside to hang out.

IMG_1912 IMG_1907

Sunday morning involved more paper reading and another trip to Colson’s for breakfast! This time we happened to be eating at the same time (2 tables down) from the mayor of NYC. That’s the 2nd time I’ve seen him there so pretty cool that our neighborhood spot is also his!


Went to church followed by an excellent brunch at Fonda, a Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood. That too was a repeat from Remy’s visit last week. It was that delicious and worth going back!

Post lunch walk through Prospect Park and the neighborhood before a late afternoon gelato and coffee break.

IMG_1921 IMG_1926  Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 8.25.27 PM

So happy that they were able to make the trip up for the weekend. Loved having them around and it’s fun to have excuse to go back to delicious neighborhood places 🙂

Having a quiet ending to another great weekend. Thanks for coming mom & dad!



Welcome Back to Rochester

A week or so after graduating, I began the whirlwind tour of trips home, moving out to Chicago, interviewing in NYC, moving to NYC and starting a job. Somehow it didn’t seem like that much time passed but holy cow 2 years later and I realized I hadn’t made a single trip back to Rochester.

I was lucky enough to be asked by work to represent the company and interview new potential designers! It was for Industry Day at RIT which is the exact place I met people at Carrot for the first time two years ago. Kind of crazy to be on the reverse side.


The only minor hiccup in the trip was that the night before we left, it snowed 18 inches in Rochester. Yikes.

I had neglected to get any kind of real snow boot this year so I set out to DSW the night before in search of something… anything. Turns out all of NYC seemed to have a snow boot shortage this year but these worked just fine.

Soon enough, we were headed off (at 4:45am).

IMG_1091 IMG_1094

Left somewhat sunny and warm (ish) NYC for the frozen tundra that is Rochester.


Upon landing my coworker and I grabbed our bags and walked out to the parking lot to get the rental car that we had for the weekend. As luck would have it, it was the only car in the entire (covered) parking garage that was absolutely covered and surrounded by snow. Go figure.

Welcome back to Rochester.

IMG_1111 IMG_1120


In typical Rochester fashion though, the snow didn’t seem to phase anyone. Within a few hours of our plane landing the roads were already starting to clear up + sidewalks were shoveled.


After a lunch at Lovin’ Cup, we headed on campus to the Field House to set up everything. SO crazy and weird to be back.

Ours is the crazy looking table 🙂


I won’t go into too many details but the day was long!! We spent 5 hours interviewing people. 4 of those we did without a single break to stand up. There were so many students! It felt weird but good to be on the reverse side of the table. Hopefully we provided helpful feedback for everyone involved. Helps to be just a few years out so I remember clearly what I wanted/needed to hear at that time.

After interviews we headed down the street to MacGregors for dinner and drinks. Almost everyone who we had interviewed that day was there and it was a good chance to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in forever!


Completely passed out that night and couldn’t even take advantage of this being my first ever hotel room to myself (big kid!!). I did thoroughly enjoy the king sized bed though. The place was 3 times the size of my apartment.

The next morning we woke up super early again and headed back on campus for MORE interviews. It was totally fun though – these were half hour long interviews so we actually got a chance to chat with everyone a bit more. And it was held in Java Wally’s, my absolute favorite coffee shop on campus.


The new HUGE hockey rink int he distance! Can’t wait to go back sometime for a game.

IMG_1147 IMG_1153

Friday night after we wrapped up interviews we were officially done with work for the weekend so it was time to enjoy Rochester!! One of my roommates from college was nice enough to let me crash with her for the weekend so we got a chance to catch up on 2 whole years of life! Saturday was a mix of time spent on campus, meeting up with a friend for coffee at a fantastic coffee place downtown, a trip with Devan to the public market for a breakfast sandwich and a walk around.


Apparently I didn’t take very many pictures though! Saturday night Devan and I met up with my friend Anna and her boyfriend for dinner at Lovin Cup (round 2). Sadly Sunday morning seemed to come super quick and it was time to head back.


Not without a trip to Jay’s Diner for breakfast!


And another quick stop by Wegmans and Dibella’s sandwiches to pick up one for the trip home (most genius plan ever).

IMG_1179 IMG_1206

Soon enough we were leaving the snowy views of Rochester and landing among the concrete mess of buildings. As much as it was great to be back and visit Rochester, I was happy to land back in NYC. Funny how each chapter of life can fit perfectly and then it’s time for another. Waiting 2 whole years to go back and visit definitely had a greater impact on making me realize just how far I’ve come since then. Similar to when I left for college and went back to visit high school, I guess.

IMG_1209 IMG_1232

March Moments

Somehow one thing led to another and here we are just over a month since I last blogged. “Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow night” turns into 30 some days later. Whoops.

It’s been a big start to the year and I cannot even begin to fathom how I’ve found myself here on the night before April 1st. Here are some highlights:

I attended a talk at a company in lower Manhattan last month. The talk was by a famous illustrator who told stories of where he had come from and how he ended up where he is now. I was pretty amazed by the building that the talk was in. Somehow, it’s easy to forget the history that we’re surrounded by every day while we walk around.


One unexpectedly warm Saturday, Jon and I headed to the High Line in Manhattan to walk around. Found ourselves in Chelsea Market for a quick lunch (crepes, of course) and I found these lights still strung up from the holidays. Christmas lights never cease to make me smile.


On that same warm day, we walked uptown towards 34th street and found ourselves across the street from MSG where there is this terrifically large and old post office.


Along the High Line, we happened upon this construction site. Apparently I have some 5-year old boy interests because I made Jon stand and watch them for a good 15 minutes. I made him wait until the cement truck started pouring cement and I figured out how it was delivered 2 stories down.


One of the most fantastic habits that we’ve created is always having a delicious Saturday morning brunch. This particular week was homemade biscuits topped with mozzarella, arugula and eggs.


Shot in Red Hook, a neighborhood close to mine in Brooklyn.


Creative Mornings, a monthly series featuring a speaker, was held in Red Hook. Which is how I found myself wandering through this artist’s fantastic studio and art space early one Friday morning. Seriously amazing work.

IMG_1047 IMG_1044

And a pretty sweet, four floor space.

IMG_1019 IMG_1013

A few months back I signed up for Google Experts. It means you write 50 reviews of restaurants or businesses online and then you’re invited by Google to a party in whatever city you’re a “City Expert” in. This month’s party was held in midtown and was mexican themed.


There was dancing.


I also had a 5 day run in with hives. So a trip to an allergist was in order. They poked me with hundreds of little things I could potentially be allergic too. Which gave me more hives. But came back as being “severely allergic” to grass as well as minor ones for trees, coconut, cats and dust. So that taught me nothing. But I felt like a pin cushion for a morning.


And the allergist trip allowed me to head to a new area in the morning for some coffee.


Made peanut butter powder, whole wheat pancakes topped with raw honey for Fat Tuesday (now you can see how old these pictures are). I don’t believe whole wheat pancakes is exactly what they had in mind for Fat Tuesday celebrations. But when in Brooklyn…


Jon and I went to a vegan restaurant one afternoon for one of our Groupon dates (thanks Eric & David!). The Groupon special was for 2 empanadas and 2 beers each. It was a delicious and a fun Sunday afternoon date.


During one of the really cold weekends we made cast iron macaroni & cheese with old bay and kale chips. Yum.


Some lunches are just leftover baguettes with melted cheese and tomatoes.


And, of course, Saturday breakfasts. The most important meal of the week. This time was homemade biscuits (we were on a roll for a while) with mushroom gravy and bacon (for Jon).



Of course, there were lots of little moments in between. Lots of eating, cooking, design talks, hours at work, NY Crosswords left unfinished and miles walked. Looking forward to some of the warmer months for more outdoor time!



Once & Other Weekend Activities

This past weekend was absolutely jam packed.

Friday morning started super early with Creative Mornings. It’s the monthly design talk that I go to that’s usually held in Brooklyn right across from work. This month it was held in the NY Public Library in Bryant Park. Great way to kick off the day even though it means the alarm is set for hours earlier than usual!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.14.15 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.14.36 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.14.42 PM

After work I had plans to go to Draft & Draw with a coworker and his girlfriend. The event is put on by a guy I know from church and this is the 2nd time they’ve held it. It’s exactly what it sounds like – drinking and drawing! You show up, eat pizza, drink beer, hear from a speaker and then get to spend the rest of the time doodling on the tables.


My doodling kind of got out of hand.


The table at the end of the night:


Saturday morning, Jon and I had bagels for breakfast followed by a walk through Prospect Park. It had rained a bit and warmed up a ton so the snow was all super melty. It was nice except for the large streams that had grown on all of the pathways. Made it hard to walk in places that we’re dirty and muddy.




At one point I stopped and looked around at just how ridiculous the scene was. Here we were just a few miles away from Times Square and unless you previously knew that, you’d have no idea! Completely surrounded by trees, snow and nature.


It was actually warm enough this weekend to sit down on a bench and not freeze to death which was welcomed after all of this snow and cold that we’ve been having!


On the way back from the park we stopped in a new coffee shop called Cafe Martin, recommended by Jon’s roommate. The owner of the place is pretty friendly and quirky, definitely feels like a neighborhood coffeeshop. Walked down to the Whole Foods afterwards to pick up a few things – and to, ya know, rack up more miles walking.


We headed back to get all cleaned up and dressed up for the night ahead! Original plans were to make dinner but quickly decided that going out sounded way faster and easier. Settled on Flipsters when Jon expressed an interest in “I just want a burger and fries.” It had actually been on my list for a while to try so I was happy to go – did feel a bit silly being all dressed up and eating burgers though. The veggie burger was amazing. None of that frozen nonsense. It actually ranked up there on one of the best ones that I’ve had!

Made our way into midtown with a brief stop and walk around 30 Rock Plaza and the ice skating rink before (shoving) our way into Times Square. Always a happy reminder why I don’t want to live there! So. Many. People. With fanny packs, taking pictures, looking up, etc. I can’t believe how few times I actually find myself in Manhattan. Probably best for anxiety sake.


The reason we were there was to see Once!!!


Grandpa and Frances had so generously given us tickets for Christmas to see it – thank you! At the time February felt incredibly far away but I can’t believe how fast January and February went. Yikes. We, appropriately, spent the week leading up to the show listening to the soundtrack and were both super pumped to finally get to see it.

Outside the theater there were people talking about Stars Hollow and Gilmore Girls so I knew it was my kind of crowd.

Walking into the theater, we noticed a bunch of people forming a line to get on stage. Turns out they have a bar before the show ON stage! The actors/actresses get on stage before it even starts to play music in a really informal manner. The whole show takes place in an Irish pub so it’s quite fitting and sets the scene. Unfortunately we were the last people in line to NOT be let on stage 😦 Bummer.

Unlike most shows, there is no dramatic curtain opening or anything – they just go right from having people on stage to the start of the show.

During intermission I noticed that there were people going back on stage so we headed down to try it again. We were number 4 and 5 back in line when they said only 4 more people allowed then it’s closed. But luckily the guy was very nice and let both of us up so we got to go on stage!

It’s hard to sum up in words but the show was fantastic! Nothing over the top overly romantic and broadway about it. It just felt very real and unique. All of the scene changes were very inventive. The background really never moved, they would just use boxes of light as “rooms” and had people playing music to distract from scene changes with people going on/off stage.

Overall, fantastic and highly recommended! We both loved it.


After the show we headed down the street to Junior’s for some cheesecake! I got the most ginormous piece of carrot cake cheesecake. It was amazing and the leftovers were even more delicious. The thing was seriously the size of my head. When the waiter put them down he gave us the wrong cheesecakes but Jon was in the bathroom so I quick swapped them. I looked to the left and noticed a table giggling at me – I think they thought I was stealing his cheesecake while he was away 🙂

Sunday was a bit different in that church was moved to night time so suddenly we had a full free morning before Jon left for work. Spent time reading the paper, attempting and failing at the crossword and cooking! We made omelettes with mozzarella and arugula, roasted some fingerling & sweet potatoes, and made cinnamon rolls (out of a can – we cheated. sorry). It was kind of a breakfast morphed into lunch thing.





In the afternoon I took care of some laundry – no laundry guy though, I missed him. I originally got an invite to Eric’s movie premiere showing in Jersey City so I was all ready to go to that around 5 except in a last minute check to the invite I realized it’s NEXT month not February. Whoops. Good thing I checked! So instead I headed to the 5pm service at church. It was held in this really old, neat Baptist church with comfy pews and everything (not recommended for evening services). Afterwards I went to dinner with two friends at a local Vietnamese place.

So… definitely a very, very packed and fun weekend!

Snowy Saturday Brunch

Jon surprised me with pretty flowers (and ice cream!) on Friday after he got back from his bike ride! We didn’t have any super big plans for the weekend but it was nice to get the bonus day to spend time together. It really made it feel so much longer. We don’t ever seem to need any big weekend plans as we always manage to fill it with lots of adventures.

Friday night dinner was stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta with tomatoes & basil and two types of cheese. Ate while watching the first episode of Season 2 of House of Cards (holy cow..).


Saturday brunch seems to be our cooking forte.

We never have solid dinner plans but breakfast… always first to be decided. This week was omelettes filled with shitake mushrooms, arugula and smoked gouda. We were supposed to make cinnamon rolls but that turned into Jon grabbed a chocolate almond croissant & an apple turnover from the French bakery down the street. No complaints here 🙂 Also roasted some fingerling potatoes with rosemary and olive oil. And, of course, no NYC brunch is complete without mimosas!


We got to spend time cooking while watching the snow start to fall outside. We’ve gotten SO much so far this year.

IMG_0621 IMG_0619

Thankful to be dating a photographer who doesn’t think I’m nuts when I want to style the food a bit and snap some pictures.

IMG_0631 IMG_0626

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 6.09.00 PM

After all of the cooking (and dishwashing which seems to take up 25% of our weekend) we ventured out into the snow. See what I mean by a lot?! The difference with snow in NYC is that there is no place for it to go so sidewalks are getting narrower and narrower and cars often have no hope of getting out without a massive shoveling job.


A walk through Prospect Park in the snow is always a must. The snow in parts was up past my boots (to be fair, we hardly walked on pathways at all). It was actually shockingly warm out, I had way too many clothes on.

photo 1 photo 2

I was feeling toasty warm until a snowball fight broke out. Jon wasn’t pleased with the snowman sized snowball I was creating and proceeded to get me covered in snow instead.

photo 4 photo 5

photo 1

We wandered our way through the neighborhood at ended up at Roots Cafe. At that point we were both completely covered in snow & probably looked ridiculous. The owner (who we came to realize goes to our church) was stepping out just as we were walking and she kept laughing at us 🙂 Warmed up with a hot cup of coffee!

Had plans to walk all the way to Whole Foods to grab the cinnamon rolls for Sunday but walking back from the cafe quickly decided that more time outside was a bad plan. Here we are super snow covered:

photo 3

Dinner was more bruschetta, cheese and the remaining stuffed mushrooms. Not great planning on our part, we were starving afterwards. Whoops.

Watched a great movie on Netflix called Populaire. It’s another foreign (French) film – “In this romantic comedy set in the 1950s, a smooth-talking insurance agent is so impressed with his secretary’s skills that he encourages her to enter speed-typing competitions. He also invites her to live in his mansion, and romance slowly blooms.” It sounds kind of ridiculous but we both ended up really loving it!


Post-movie there was some minor apartment redecorating (of Jon’s apartment). Moved a few things around in the living room and cleaned a bunch. Somehow failed to get an “after” shot but it’s looking all cleaned up now and the table is conveniently closer to the window for better food lighting 😉 Priorities!

IMG_0650 IMG_0652

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This year I participated in something called the Handmade Valentine’s Exchange. You get pared up with 9 other people and make 9 cards for them which means you get 9 cards in return! Casey and I got together for 4+ hours a week or so back and worked hard on all of the cards. Lots of fun and a good excuse to cut out hundreds of hearts! I’m still waiting for some of those cards to come in so it’ll be a nice surprise over the next week or so.


Our office is in the middle of some big changes this weekend which means that most of us are working from home today! Spending the day curled up under a blanket working on various projects. It’s so nice to have a change of scenery every once in a while. Working home on Friday also means that I see Jon! He came by this morning and worked along side me – he’s working on some online development courses.


Since we knew that we were all going to be out of the office today, the baking committee at work planned a pre-Valentine’s day breakfast for everyone in the office. In the front pictured are bagel croissiants called red velvet cragels.


The commute in yesterday was interesting. Super snowy! It snowed 10+ inches yesterday and when I left for work it looked like this:


Getting off the train near work, I was crossing the street and watched a woman fall on top of her kid who she was carrying over a snow bank. Another guy and I picked them up and they seemed to be okay but it was very, very icy and snowy at that point. Very hard to see even a few feet ahead.

Another morning where Manhattan disappears.


Yesterday also happened to be a very special person’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! As a birthday present, they got 20+ inches of snow. Pretty crazy! Wish I could have been there to celebrate & help shovel. Hope you get your birthday bagel this weekend 🙂


3 Trains and a Bus

Kicked off the weekend with a trip up to Queens to see two of our friends perform at the Waltz Astoria. We’ve been up there 3 or 4 times now for their shows – always a great time! It’s a super small venue packed with people we know and  a fantastically friendly owner. If you’re interested in checking out the music online, the band is Jeffrey Allen.

IMG_0449 IMG_0429

Saturday morning Jon was meeting up with a friend from RIT so I headed to Naidre’s cafe to get a breakfast burrito, hang out for a bit and read the paper. Finished up there and grabbed a sunflower cookie from a new bakery that opened up, Buttermilk Bakery. Holy cow it was amazing.


The cookie was a good choice because the “quick trip to Manhattan” soon turned into an hour long ordeal.

I got on the right train and set to work finishing my crossword puzzle. I knew my destination was quite a few stops a way so it’s generally okay to zone out for a bit and not listen to the stops. All of a sudden we were stopped in a station that was clearly not on the usual path and everyone on the train was talking and confused. Turns out they had rerouted us but didn’t bother to mention anything. So I was stuck in this random station going absolutely no where close to where I needed to be. They handed everyone vouchers to get on a shuttle bus down the block. So we all trudged upstairs and down the street to wait to be herded onto the shuttle bus like cattle. The woman next to me was clearly less than pleased and she wanted everyone to know it. Packed on the bus, we made our way to yet another subway station a little ways away. Got there and found out that a weird train was running on the line but I voted to get on it anyway. Eventually made it to Manhattan and transferred to yet another train before getting to Union Square. Three trains and a bus later.

So now how badly do you want to move to NYC? 🙂

I was ultimately headed to Union Square to meet up with Jon when he was done with lunch. I had some time to kill so I wandered into a few stores and ended up at Strand, the most fantastic 4 floor book store that is PACKED with books. So much fun just to aimlessly browse around.

IMG_0441 IMG_0444

Saturday night was cooking! We made sweet potato hummus and some other appetizer-y things for dinner. Had plans to eat while watching the Olympic’s replays but the internet unexpectedly went out for a few hours so that killed that plan quickly. Watched a movie and chatted instead while enjoying some brownies (which Jon is currently obsessed with).

Sunday morning we had an early breakfast date at a bagel shop nearby. We only really have Friday night through Sunday early afternoon for dates during the week so we really have to pack in a week’s worth of chatting and dates. Church was followed by lunch with two friends at a local diner before Jon had to head off to work.

Sunday night was, as you may have guessed, laundry! The usual laundry guy was there which always makes the trips back and forth and 4 flights of stairs worth it.


Dinner was a quick snacky dinner as I was full from back to back breakfasts in the morning 🙂 Sweet potato hummus, regular hummus, brie, oranges, watermelon radish (my new favorite) and crackers! Dinner is always fancier from a cutting board.


Capped off the night with a 2 hour  call with these crazies 🙂 Remy and Kristin are roommates in Chicago and it’s always great to catch up with them. Facetime makes it feel like they’re right in the room!

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.32.06 PM

And an update: If you recall in last week’s post, I talked about visiting these super cool old trolley’s down in Red Hook. Just read on the news yesterday that they’re no longer there! Someone apparently came one day this week and loaded them up on huge trucks and drove them off to some undisclosed location. Sad 😦

photo 4

Down By The Docks

Another weekend has come and gone and the list of places to go and see in NYC never seems to get any shorter.

I’m a huge fan of starting off Saturdays with a home-cooked breakfast. Last weekend was pancakes, oranges and “choose your own meat like thing” (veggie sausage for me, bacon for him).

Brunch places have nothing on us.

photo 2

Finished up a few crossword puzzle answers before heading out the door to catch a bus to Red Hook. It’s a neighborhood not easily serviced by the subway so the easiest way is to hop on a bus and enjoy traveling above ground for once.

In Red Hook there are some fantastic views of the water, city and the statue of liberty! It was the first “warm” day in quite some time. I think it hit 40 degrees! That felt pretty much like summer so we were happy to be walking around and outside.

photo 1 photo 2 copy

It’s a very industrial neighborhood as IKEA is there, boat docks, warehouses, etc. Makes for lots of interesting architecture. They are turning one of the piers into a park of some sort with displays and information posted around so that’ll be interesting to check out in a few months.

photo 3 photo 5

On the rear side of the Fairway (a giant grocery store) there are all of these old train cars to peek into. Pretty neat!

photo 4 photo 5

After a brief shopping trip to Fairway (one in which we had to promise ourselves not to buy the whole store), we headed to a nearby bakery for some whoopie pies! Jon’s from PA so it only makes sense to go try them out. Super tasty looking baked goods and a cute shop tucked in the neighborhood – would definitely be worth a trip back!

photo 3

Once we were sufficiently hopped up on sugar, we headed back home to start preparing dinner. Jon was going to be working the Super Bowl so we went with a football party inspired dinner menu to make up for him missing it.

photo 4

Three types of cheese, guac & chips, kale/arugula salad for appetizers. Then while watching a movie we got some veggie lentil chili on the stove to simmer away. It turned out super well – ate leftovers for lunch for the beginning of the week, I’d definitely make it again!

photo 5

Snowy Weekend

This weekend seemed to pass all too quickly. Sunday evening and I’m sitting in a clean apartment with fresh laundry and new pillows. Achieved big kid status this weekend when Jon bought his first scarf (HOW did he go to school at RIT…) and I bought much needed new pillows.

Nothing too crazy this weekend – started it out on Friday with pizza at Peppino’s. Chosen both for it’s insanely hot interior and delicious pizza. Friday was so chilly! Actually it’s been cold for quite some time. We had snow both all day yesterday and little flurries today.

Watched The Intouchables on Netflix on Friday – highly recommend the movie!

Saturday morning I got ambitious and made cinnamon french toast from Smitten Kitchen’s cookbook (the one that Jon got me for Christmas – genius). It turned out really well and was especially delicious with some veggie sausage that I picked up.

photo 3 photo 4

After some newspaper reading and coffee drinking (this time from the comfort of my living room with a snowy view), we headed into Manhattan to run a few errands. The errands ended up taking about 4 hours which is usually the case when looking for something in NYC. Especially when you enter the vortex that is Macy’s. Never again. That place is out of control.

We did make a pit stop at the Ace Hotel to visit the coffee shop that is in their lobby. Cool view of the Empire State building while we were sipping our drinks and watching taxis pass by. Unfortunately, the rest of New Yorkers also had the idea to go there so there was no seating to be found.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 5

Dinner was leftover pizza and appetizers after coming back from the exhausting outing (that we didn’t really accomplish much in..). Finished the rest of Zero Dark Thirty which we had started a few weeks ago. Super intense even though I knew the ending!

This morning we woke up early for a church service in Manhattan. The church that we’re apart of in Brooklyn is actually part of a much larger network of churches and they had the first semi-annual all city gathering at a high school. Over 1,500 people were all gathered together – it was pretty insane! Definitely a cool way to start off the morning. We ended up running into a ton of people from the church in Long Island City that we went to all of last year so it was great to catch up. A group of 15 of us (which later turned into 40) all headed to grab food afterwards at Heartland Brewery in Union Square. I think the waiters were a bit alarmed to get a group that large in there so early. Fitting 40 people into 1 restaurant in NYC is nothing short of a miracle. Delicious food and great to catch up with everyone!

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.24.45 PM

Jon headed off to work and I wandered a bit more around in Manhattan. There’s something so nice about walking the streets with snow flurries in the air and no real place to be. Of course, it was quite chilly!

I do always love coming back to Brooklyn though. Love these rows and rows of brownstones to walk home to. The snow just makes it even better!

photo 3 copy photo 4 photo 5

Work has gotten super busy lately – in a good way! Lots of new projects and pitches to work on which keeps it interesting. Feels like almost every night is planned out already too. Can’t believe how quickly January passed…

Winter Saturday Exploring

Friday I worked from home due to snow which through off my sense of what day it actually was.

Saturday morning started early with homemade crepes – filled with sautéed spinach, artichoke hearts and brie! Complete with a side of coffee and a berry smoothie. Brunch is quickly becoming my favorite meal to plan – so many options and such a good way to kick off the weekend!


We soon headed towards Central Park for a walk. For whatever reason (read: it’s not Brooklyn) we haven’t made it up there recently. We’ve definitely slowed down on the exploring from our early every weekend must be packed rule when I first moved here. Looking to change that in 2014! So many parts of the city left to see.


Central Park was absolutely gorgeous with the snow on the ground and bright blue sky. It was also surprisingly warm (considering the day before had a negative something windchill).

IMG_0076 IMG_0073


Made our way up towards the center of the park and found a nut stand. For some reason ever since I moved here, it’s been on my bucket list to get warm nuts from a sidewalk stand. It seemed New York-like I guess. Mission accomplished! We got cashews with a mystery flavoring.

IMG_0077 IMG_0082

Continued meandering our way through the park until Jon could no longer feel his toes. We made it up to the MET on the east side which I shockingly have not seen since moving here. Briefly contemplated going but decided to save that for another cold or rainy day!

IMG_0081   IMG_0085

Instead we continued walking down from 8o-something street to 63rd to get espresso and a cappuccino at Bel Ami a little coffee shop we had found last year. We were wildly underdressed – must have forgotten my fur coat and leather snake skin boots at home. But fun and cozy anyway!


Plus the streets seemed like a movie set with all of the steam vents from the subways!


From there we hopped on a subway and made it down to 42nd Street where we fought our way through Time Square to the AMC Theater! Jon got movie tickets for christmas from Aunt Barb & Uncle Joe and he decided he liked me enough to take me with him 🙂 We’d both been wanting to see Her so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for it! The lines were crazy long to get the tickets so we had to rush across the street to Five Guys for a quick grilled cheese and burger lunch before the movie. By the time we made it back it was 2 minutes until movie time and the theater was PACKED! Not that I go to movies often but I’ve never seen it so full! We ended up having to sit in the very, very front row with our heads looking straight up at the screen. Despite some of the characters looking rather large from below, it seemed to work out and we both enjoyed the movie. Guess I get to check off “sit in the front row at the movies” from some life bucket list!

Headed back to Brooklyn just in time to make some dinner. I’d had two meals planned for Saturday night to get us enough leftovers for Sunday which is usually the goal. However, after making the first we quickly lost stamina and quit at that. The soup is still unmade.. guess that is tomorrow’s task.

We did make Smitten Kitchen’s Butternut Squash and Onion Gallette along with a Kale Salad (recipe courtesy of Mom). It seemed to work out well and didn’t even take that long. We did cheat on the dough though. Between brunch and this, it was a lot of cooking in one day!


Don’t be too impressed though. There’s a pretty decent chance that these photos your seeing were taken on a cardboard box 🙂


Sometimes apartment life isn’t as glamorous as one might think. But I think we get points for innovation and creativity. Next time, I’ll try to locate a table cloth – tshirts work for that, right?