Seattle & Vancouver!

Thought you got rid of me, huh?

I’m back! With pictures and stories!


Walking home after dinner

Jon and I recently got back from a weeklong trip to Vancouver & Seattle. Shortly after returning from our trip he ran off to PA to celebrate his mom’s birthday. Unfortunately he’s the one with all of the pictures of the trip! As soon as I can grab those from him, I’ll get them all posted.


Breakfast in Gastown

Here’s a sneak peek though!


Sunset Beach in Vancouver


Kayaking at Kits Beach in Vancouver


1st day in Vancouver!


Dinner at a vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver after kayaking


Had a fantastic trip. 3.5 days in Vancouver and 4 in Seattle. By the end I was definitely convinced that moving to the west coast was a good idea. Especially after we left 65 degree cool weather and landing at JFK only to be greeted by 90 degree hot, humid weather and a packed subway train. Ew.

Vancouver included a LOT of walking. I think we hit 12 miles on the first day and just over 10 miles on the other days. Rented bikes and rode through Stanley Park. Went kayaking in the ocean and saw a seal (which I quickly paddle away from – Jon had spent the previous week telling me about whales lifting kayakers out of the water). Took lots of boat rides to various points around the city and ate lots of delicious sushi!


Best sushi I’ve ever had


Fresh berries at a Seattle U District Farmers Market

Sarah was an awesome Seattle tour guide and showed us around to all of her favorite spots that she’s spent the last 8 weeks exploring! Lots of parks, eating (best handmade pasta ever + LOTS of ice cream), walking around, driving tour of all of the sweet craftsman style homes. On the last day we even made it up to Everett to see the official Boeing tour of where they make planes! Another day we headed over on a ferry (Sarah’s first time driving onto a boat) over to Bainbridge Island to hang around for the day.



In line for the ferry to Bainbridge Island

IMG_3998 2

Lunch on Bainbridge Island


Salmon Locks in Seattle



View from our Airbnb


More pictures to come 🙂